Thank you and welcome to the
Front Row Factor Book Launch Team!

It means the world to me.

Why are we putting so much effort into the release of this book?

We have a goal of reaching 101,000 people with the book in 2017. We deeply believe The Front Row Factor can inspire our readers to live life in the front row and connect to a deeper sense of meaning, purpose and fulfillment to each and every moment.

To help so many people, we must get the book into their hands, and that means we need a successful launch. The key to success is generating more than 100 positive authentic Amazon reviews in the first 10 days.

YOU are a key player here.

Our intentions are to make this entire launch party fun, meaningful and full of SURPRISES for you! As a thank you for giving your time, energy and resources, we will be tossing out some very cool prizes along the way!

So, WHAT’S NEXT . . .

  • Step 1:  Please go to this private Facebook group.
  • Step 2:  Pre-order the book here*
  • Step 3:  Check your inbox for your advanced pdf copy of the book!
  • Step 4:  Read the book 🙂
  • Step 5:  Rate the book and write a review on Amazon when it officially launches on March 28th.
  • Step 5:  Share with friends.
  • Step 6:  Celebrate with us!

* Even though we’ve already sent you an advanced copy, we’re trying to get “verified purchase” reviews on Amazon. For this reason, we’ve made the book temporarily available for 99 cents!)

Stay tuned to the Facebook group for specific dates and contest info.

Thanks again, friends!