#53: Teach Peace with Will Little

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#53: Teach Peace with Will Little

Will Little - Teach PeaceToday I’m talking with Will Little, who is here today to teach peace!

Will and his four sisters were raised in a single parent home. Without a father or father figure, Will followed a difficult path eventually dropping out of high school in the 10th grade. By 19, Will was convicted of 3rd degree murder and was facing serious jail time.

While in prison, he chose to turn his life around and got his diploma. He started educating himself, devouring books, writing poetry, and transforming the lives of the people around him.

After ten years, rehabilitated and reformed, Will was released from prison to start a new life, but finding employment wasn’t easy with his criminal record. Not wanting to go back to a life of guns and drugs, Will decided to become a barber. He used one of his unemployment checks to get the supplies needed and learned how to be a barber on the job.

Today he’s on a mission to share his message and is promoting PEACE through a movement he started called “Peace Live In It” which is all about creating positive energy, promoting peace, and preventing violence.

During today’s interview, Will takes us on his unbelievable journey and shares how 10 years behind bars completely transformed his life. During our chat we discuss so many great topics, including the importance of knowledge, overcoming anger, the power of forgiveness, giving  back, and understanding your purpose in life.’

''I started writing poetry, which became my therapy'' - Will Little Click To Tweet

Here’s a quick breakdown of our chat…

  • [06:25] Will shares his INCREDIBLE life story from growing up in a violent home without a father, to selling drugs and watching friends die. Find out how he was eventually convicted of 3rd degree murder.
  • [14:43] How a love for poetry became his therapy inside prison and allowed him to transform his life and the lives of those around him.  
  • [20:07] Find out why the prison system is broken and is built to bring people back.
  • [24:25] Discover why knowledge is the key to a life of pleasure.
  • [27:58] How to overcome anger and redirect your energy to positively impact the world!
  • [30:35] Learn to heal yourself through the power of forgiveness.
  • [41:32] Giving back and understanding your purpose in life before you reach death.  
''The best thing you can have to enjoy a life of pleasure, is knowledge'' - Will Little Click To Tweet

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