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#139: Conscious Magic: Living In Wonder Through a Deepened Sense of Purpose, Passion and Intentionality

Imagine a place where you could step into your deepest, most spiritual and creative self. A place where you discover parts of your being that, until now, were unknown. Sounds kind of mystical, right? Today, I’m speaking with Harry Sherwood, my friend and co-founder of Consciously.org. Harry cares deeply about wellness, passion, and purposeful living. …


#128: Inspiring Inner City Youth, Turning Prison into Purpose & Teaching Peace

Have you ever wondered if you could really make a difference in the lives of others? Are you unsure that you have what it takes? If so, then it’s time to be inspired by the story of Will Little. Will is a friend and returning guest to the show. He is a motivational speaker and …


#88: Purpose, People and Profits with CEO Scot Lowry

It’s no surprise that the quality of our lives can be directly tied to the quality of the conversations we have with the people we know, love and trust. Yet, so many of us struggle to create REAL relationships… How do you show up for the people that matter the most in your world? Have you …


Thank YOU for saving the world…

Do you ever feel fatigued in pursuit of your big dreams and goals? As I write my next book, The Front Row Factor, I feel lost, tired and confused at times. Today, I busted out the white board and started with “Why am I doing this?” I asked myself three questions… How does this help …