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#142: The Adventure Mindset: Step Beyond The Trail, Pioneer Your Own Path & How Rob Beat Stage 4 Lung Cancer

How aware are you of your own mindset? Do you believe that it can impact other aspects of your life? My next guest, Rob Harsh, is all about the adventure mindset – and this way of thinking has helped him conquer some pretty tough challenges. Rob is the Founder, Chief Adventurer and Coach for Awakened …


Does It Serve YOU?

          I’ve got a very important question. Which will lead to a very important answer. That answer will give you boundless energy and deep fulfillment. And the best news of all… it will help others feel the same. First, a story…   Years ago, I was at a personal growth conference …


Are you worth it?

        Lying in bed late one night, I saw Tony Robbins infomercial. Here were my thoughts… “Oh yeah…you can ‘totally transform for your health, wealth, blah, blah, blah…’ for only $200.  Are there really people who fall for this?” “I wonder if it actually works for people.  What if Tony is for …


Validation vs Feedback

        I’m going to want your feedback on this one! What’s the difference between validation and feedback? Where in your life do you seek out or crave validation?  Is it helping, hurting or some mixture of both? Where in your life do you search for feedback? Is it helping, hurting or is …


3 Keys To Choosing the Right Environment

        Recently, my wife and I were talking about what school would be the best environment for our 7-year old? (You may hear me talk about “What’s In Your Front Row?” – to me this is the same thing as your environment. It’s WHAT and WHO is close to us. It’s what …


Thank YOU for saving the world…

Do you ever feel fatigued in pursuit of your big dreams and goals? As I write my next book, The Front Row Factor, I feel lost, tired and confused at times. Today, I busted out the white board and started with “Why am I doing this?” I asked myself three questions… How does this help …