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Are you worth it?

        Lying in bed late one night, I saw Tony Robbins infomercial. Here were my thoughts… “Oh yeah…you can ‘totally transform for your health, wealth, blah, blah, blah…’ for only $200.  Are there really people who fall for this?” “I wonder if it actually works for people.  What if Tony is for …


Turn Boring Conversation Into Brilliant Moments

          There’s no question that over the years, in many conversations, I’ve felt bored. I’ve struggled to find value… but I’m not convinced it’s entirely the other persons fault. And…based on the fact that one of my greatest fears is wasting my life, it forces me to find ways to make …


3 Keys To Choosing the Right Environment

        Recently, my wife and I were talking about what school would be the best environment for our 7-year old? (You may hear me talk about “What’s In Your Front Row?” – to me this is the same thing as your environment. It’s WHAT and WHO is close to us. It’s what …