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#160: How a 9-Year Old Author Uses Her Super Powers to Make the World a Better Place

“Every super kid has special powers and it doesn’t require knocking down towers.”  These are the wise words from my next guest, 10-year-old Abigail Perez. Abigail is the author of the Amazon best-selling book, How to Be a Super Kid: Six Scoops to Earning Your Super Kid Status. And today, Abigail and her mother, Elizabeth, …


#134: Courage to Grow: How to Create a Human Growth Machine, The Magic in Ordeals, & Why Hope Can Be Gritty

How do you feel about your children’s education? Do you truly believe that they are learning the information and tools that they’ll need as adults? Today’s guest, and my new friend, is Laura Sandefer. She is the co-founder of Acton Academy and the author of a new, best-selling book about the unconventional ways that students …