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#146: Creating Conversations that Earn Respect, Grab Attention and Build Relationships

What does the phrase “dig a well before you’re thirsty” mean to you? Many people have used this phrase, but according to my next guest, Jordan Harbinger, most people don’t expect to ever be “thirsty”. Jordan, a former Wall Street attorney and world traveller, spent many years as the host of the popular podcast, The …


#38: The Art of Charm with Jordan Harbinger: Selecting Great Coaches & Turning Hobbies Into 8-Figure Empires

I’m super excited for today’s episode, because I’m taking with my friend, Jordan Harbinger. Jordan is an American lawyer turned Social Dynamics expert and Entrepreneur. He’s the owner and co-founder of The Art of Charm, which is a dating and relationships coaching company – as well as a top 50 podcast on iTunes – which …