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#148: Your Best Life Ever – How to Choose The Right Environment, Relationships and Questions for Success and Fulfillment

Could one weekend, one event, or one breakthrough change the course of your life? It’s possible. In fact, if you attend the Best Year Ever Blueprint LIVE (BYEB) December 7 – 9th, it is probable. On today’s podcast, I’m talking with my good friends Jon Berghoff and Hal Elrod about the upcoming BYEB event in …


#109: Overcoming Any Fear with Hal Elrod

We all struggle with fear at some point or another. But when that feeling of fear goes unchecked, it can take on a life of it’s own and can dictate how we live our lives. Maybe it’s stepping into that gym for the first time, or gaining control of your personal finances, or speaking in …


#61: Your Best Year Ever with Jon Berghoff

  What does your best year ever look like?  In 12 month from now, if things were exactly as you wish, what would be different?  How can we accelerate our individual and collective evolution? How can we manage our emotions and develop mental resilience? My guest today says, “Our questions are fateful” and we ask …