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#122: Moving from Fear to Focus, Creating Your Future Regardless Of Your Past and Managing Life 5 Minutes At A Time

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed by your circumstances that it’s difficult to keep going?  If so, then you are sure to find hope and inspiration from today’s guest. In this episode, I’m talking with my friend, Carolyn Colleen Bostrack. Carolyn is a mother, author, speaker, coach, and Ph.D. But before achieving these incredible things, …


#109: Overcoming Any Fear with Hal Elrod

We all struggle with fear at some point or another. But when that feeling of fear goes unchecked, it can take on a life of it’s own and can dictate how we live our lives. Maybe it’s stepping into that gym for the first time, or gaining control of your personal finances, or speaking in …


#106: Go For No, Increase Sales & Fail Forward

If you had a goal and you knew you couldn’t fail, you’d go for it, right? But what if you knew you would fail – would you still go for it? In this episode, author and motivational speaker, Andrea Waltz, gives her insight on just how transformational rejection can be. Andrea shares her personal story …


#97: Making One Step to the Summit with Mountaineer Lisa Thompson

Finding the absolute edge of our limits is never an easy task, but is a critical part of achieving any kind of greatness in life. How then, can we push beyond what we believe is possible without going too far? Where is the line and how can we realize our true potential, even with goals …


#89: Building Online Businesses for Speakers, Coaches and Authors with Amber Vilhauer

Are you a speaker, coach or author wanting to share your message? How would your future story unfold after facing your biggest fears and maximizing your highest potential? Today I’m talking with my good friend and trusted online business coach, Amber Vilhauer. She’s here to shed light on the process she’s used to create a …


#75: Breaking World Records, Rowing The Ocean & Clearing Bombs with Charitable Adventurer Charlie Martell

When life takes a turn for the worst, how do you react? More importantly, how do you prepare? Today, Charlie Martell joins us from Baghdad, Iraq to talk about his 2012 attempt to row the North Pacific Ocean and how he survived an unexpected typhoon that capsized his boat during his journey. A double Guinness …


#67: Overcoming Defeat & Finishing Strong with Ironman Drew Frank

How do you react when you come face-to-face with the most challenging moments of your life? Today I’m talking with my long-time friend Drew Frank, who is here to share his process for overcoming defeat and conquering big challenges! Today, Drew leads one of the most successful sales teams for CUTCO Cutlery. His team is …