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Want to get paid
to speak?

I want to help.

For 10 years now, I’ve been able to provide for my family as a full-time speaker. Sometimes I have to pinch myself because I feel as if I’m living a dream, that dates back almost 2 decades.

People often ask me, “What’s your favorite part of being a speaker?”  That answer is easy, is the feedback you get from those who were somehow moved by the message.

It’s always invigorating to receive messages from someone that was in my audience who are expressing some version of, “Your story will change mine”.

Outside of Impacting the Lives of Others…

It’s awesome that I get to travel and see the world as part of the gig.

It’s awesome that I talk about Front Row Foundation and bring attention to the charity, which keeps helping more people.

It’s awesome that in my first two years I almost went bankrupt trying to be a speaker without any help, and today someone will pay me thousands of dollars to come speak for an hour.

It’s awesome that I’ve been privileged enough to make more than 1,000,000 as a speaker, and I need to mention after saying that — I don’t love talking about how much money I’ve made, but I think this is important, since many of you are trying to support yourself, your family and contribute to the world. Money isn’t my main motivator, but it is a tool that can help create freedom in ways I deeply appreciate.

How Did This Speaking Journey Begin?

Outside of the simple fact that it began with a decision to make it happen, I chose to invest in my first speaking Bootcamp (about $7,000 back in 2009 with Hal Elrod).

Since then, I’ve hired personal coaches to give me 1-1 time, and two years ago, even after I had won “Speaker of the Year” twice, I took another step to hire the best speaking coach in the world (my opinion), for more than $20,000.

I’m so grateful for the tips, encouragement, and roadmap that has been shared by mentors, teachers, and guides. I may have gotten to where I am solo, but it’s been way more fun, and I’d guess I got here quicker because of their wisdom.

Some of you have asked me for support in helping you build your keynote/brand and figuring out how to get paid to do it all.

I get excited thinking about how I could help.


I’m committed to taking 8 people into a year-long mastermind group starting in 2018.

I’m going to provide group and private coaching and share everything I’ve learned. There will be no advanced level after this — I’m giving everything away in 2018. I also don’t know if I’ll ever do this again. There’s a good chance this is one shot deal.

“The amount of valuable content has just blown me away. I can take one chunk of it and I’ve completely changed my speaking career because of it.” ~ Mike Lonzetta

“This event changed my life. Not only did I learn some incredible techniques that I have applied with my personal public speaking adventures, but the most impactful aspect was meeting people who are changing the world and having the honor to call them friends.” ~ Ashley Fussell

“In just one day, I have the framework for a keynote!” ~ Lance Salazar

What are the benefits of this type of process?

The personal immersion experience. Nothing takes the place of working together in person.  You’ll be able to get professionally videotaped and use that footage for review and promotion.
1-1 coaching on your keynote.  Group work is great, and so is one-to-one support.  Ask me anything, and we’ll work together to overcome any problems, and help you advance your reach by changing the lives of countless souls around the world.
Group feedback on keynote, brand & marketing. It’s great to get my professional opinion, and it’s also awesome to get the unfiltered and direct feedback from your 7 peers.
Shared wisdom and resources from the group.  When one person finds something awesome, everyone benefits.  If 8 people are all rowing in the same direction — magic happens.
Emergency email support.  As the year unfolds, you may need help here and there.  Email me anytime, and let’s figure it out together.  Speaking solo can be lonely, so let’s create some shared energy to move past the low points and celebrate the high points — together.
Surprises along the way.  I have a few ideas in mind.  I’d tell you more, but what fun is that 🙂

Would you like to take part in this experience?

If so, complete the brief 5-min survey below and register to reserve your spot. I’ll be filling this both on a “first come first serve basis” along with choosing which 8 people would make the most dynamic team.

Other important details:

  • If you’re one of the 8, you’ll be notified with 7 days of completing this form.
  • If we’re sold out, you’ll receive a refund immediately.
  • By completing this form, and submitting payment, you are committing 100% to this process. Because it’s such a small group of committed speakers, there will be no refunds here. We need everyone to be 100% in because once we start, it’s a team process and we can’t have people bowing out early. This is for serious speakers who are ready to rock and give themselves fully to the process, and to the team.
  • I wanted to make the investment less than I’ve paid for any of my speaker training. I wanted to make this available at a price where you could book one speech that pays for the entire year of training.

One Time Payment

By paying in full, you get one extra
one-to-one private coaching session.

12 Monthly Payments

There are no extra fees for
breaking up your investment.