#88: Purpose, People and Profits with CEO Scot Lowry

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#88: Purpose, People and Profits with CEO Scot Lowry

Scot Lowry - Front Row Factor

It’s no surprise that the quality of our lives can be directly tied to the quality of the conversations we have with the people we know, love and trust. Yet, so many of us struggle to create REAL relationships…

How do you show up for the people that matter the most in your world? Have you lost sight of your true purpose?

Today, Scot Lowry is here to share his framework for mastering conversation and developing authentic relationships, so you can positively impact every area of your life!

Scot’s purpose is to lift people who are lifting the world. He is passionate about creating scalable, purpose-rich cultures that empower people and organizations to access their full capacity, love their work, manifest their dreams, and maximize positive contributions in the world.

He is currently the father to two teenage boys, a youth hockey coach, and the CEO of Fathom, an award-winning revenue acceleration marketing firm based in Cleveland, OH. Scot is also a Strategic Advisor to The Flourishing Leadership Institute (FLI).Scot Lowry - Front Row Tattoo

Scot studied Finance and Entrepreneurship with degrees from the University of Florida (BS) and the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University (MBA), where he is also an associate instructor of entrepreneurship. In his free time, you can find him kiteboarding, playing or coaching ice hockey, or mountain biking.

In today’s conversation, Scot shares his inspiring journey, including how his original path to success only led to an empty and unfulfilling life. On the outside, he had it all. But beneath the surface, Scot was miserable. It turns out, he was completely misaligned with his “Why” and what matters the most.

You’ll find out why authentic relationships matter so much, how to better communicate with your spouse & kids, the importance of creating authentic dialogue in the workplace, and his incredible story of getting a Front Row tattoo!

''If we can talk about it, we can fix it.'' - Scot Lowry Click To Tweet

Here’s a quick breakdown of our chat…

  • [02:45] Why having authentic conversations with your kids can be the best form of support.
  • [06:20] Learn how you can improve company performance and create value for clients by embracing authentic dialogue in the workplace.
  • [10:15] Have you ever had an argument with a spouse or colleague that had spiralled out of control? Find out what you can ask yourself to get things back on track!
  • [13:30] Learn how to give your “lizard brain” a break so you can communicate more effectively during difficult conversations.
  • [16:00] How to cultivate a company culture with great communication by re-framing the questions you ask.
  • [19:39] Find out how Scot’s company, Fathom, is helping middle market CEO’s to solve problems and generate more revenue.
  • [24:00] Discover the 3 P’s to naturally bring out the best in your organization.
  • [28:17] Scot shares the story of when he committed to getting a tattoo to help raise an additional $20,000 in support of the Front Row Foundation. Find out why his decision goes far beyond the charity!  
  • [44:00] He had followed the typical script to achieving success… only to find out he was completely miserable. Find out why relationships with people really matter and how you can transform an empty and unfulfilling life into one that gives you purpose and positively impacts the world
  • [48:15] The difference between hope and optimism and how it affects your ability to get the results you want in life.
''The best way to predict the future is to create it.'' - Scot Lowry Click To Tweet

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