#74: Café Gratitude with Owner Ryland Engelhart

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#74: Café Gratitude with Owner Ryland Engelhart

Ryland Engelhart - Cafe Gratitude

Is it your job to save the planet?

In today’s conversation, Ryland Engelhart shares a proactive approach for how we can shift our behavior to reduce, restore, regenerate and rebuild a healthy ecosystem on the planet.

Ryland is a Co-Owner and Mission Fulfillment Officer of Café Gratitude, and the Co-Founder of Kiss The Ground, a non-profit that inspires and educates the public about the connection between soil, human and planetary health. 

He is is an activist, inspirational speaker and life coach, dedicated to culture, love, building community and demonstrating sustainability in business.  

Ryland is also the co-creator of an award-winning, transformational documentary film, called “May I Be Frank.”  

We chat about all sorts of fun stuff in today’s episode, including why soil is the key to saving the world, the importance of algae in the ocean, and how “Sacred Commerce” can make a difference to your working environment. We also talk about Café Gratitude, Kiss The Ground, investing in your team, and being grateful for what you get. This conversation is high level thinking with practical steps we can all take right now to care for each other and for our planet.

''There is no waste in nature. We invented the idea of waste.'' - Ryland Engelhart Click To Tweet

Here’s a quick breakdown of our chat…

  • [09:10] Find out how Ryland uses the presence of love to make a difference and contribute to the world!
  • [12:15] The simple act of being present.
  • [17:55] Ryland shares his mission to feed the world and cool the planet through Regenerative Agriculture. Find out how you can make an impact!
  • [26:08] What’s the difference between conventional, organic, and biodynamic agriculture and why is soil like the gut health of the planet?
  • [30:57] What are the true consequences if we don’t take action and what does algae have to do with the oxygen we breath?
  • [36:48] What is the mission and vision for Kiss The Ground?
  • [39:38] Awaken the community of love in your working environment with Sacred Commerce.
  • [45:00] Honoring the people in our lives that have passed.
  • [46:16] Investing in your team and the 10 tools for building a grateful community.
''We are the source of love that we’re looking for'' - Ryland Engelhart Click To Tweet

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