Prioritizing Relations & Saying No

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Prioritizing Relations & Saying No





Steve Jobs once said, “Focusing is about saying no”.  (He mentions it here.)


When we choose to give our attention to specific people in life, we’re often forced to minimize attention for others.  Only 24 hours each day to play ?

How do WE choose WHO gets our attention? 

Who’s attention are WE trying to get? 

This can be complicated.

I find giving advice about relationships tricky because there are many moving parts.  Countless variables are at play, which makes broad statements about “Do this” or “Don’t do that” hard to make.

I DO believe we all need to be clear about our values and priorities.  When we know these things, we can better choose who to invest our time with.

My goal is to simply be conscious and intentional.

I regularly sit down and ask “Who do I want to spend time with”?

Or….. “How can I serve, support and connect with __________ so they’ll want to spend time with me”.

If each of us takes the time to clarify our values, priorities and passions, we gain clarity about who makes sense to invite into our Front Row.

When someone doesn’t fit in your Front Row, that often means they we’re destined for someone else’s. 

We’re all looking to find our raving fans that will cheer for us, and people whom we can cheer for.

We’re all looking to connect, create and contribute our individual and collective best to the world.

Relationships are hard AND totally worth it.

So…get focused. Be conscious and intentional.   Choose yes’s and no’s when sharing your time and then…… live big and give big!


Your fan and friend,


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