National Front Row Day! \o/

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National Front Row Day! \o/





National Front Row day!   (8/8)


Two questions you may have, and I’ll answer here:

  • How can I celebrate National Front Row Day?
  • Why August the 8th?

So…I’ll start with how you can celebrate with us.

On August 8th (today for some of you reading this), just do 3 simple things…


First:  Create a “Front Row Moment” by getting Front Row to someone, thing, place or even a thought that inspires you.


Second: Take a photograph with your hands in the air, doing the Front Row pose in that moment.  \o/ ß this is our electronic Front Row Pose J








Third: Share your pics with us on your favorite social media platform #NationalFrontRowDay.   Tag me (@jonvroman), or Front Row Foundation.



Now why the the 8th of August (8/8)?  


The 8 for Front Row is symbolic for a number of different reasons.


  • Our community is all about CELEBR8ing now, before it’s too late. So many times, we need to get better at celebrating what’s great in life. It’s being able to amplify what’s good so we can silence what’s not. *Our Facebook group is a place where our Front Row Friends can come celebrate life and cheer each other on.


  • Anytime we see the number 8, it causes us to stop and to celebr8. I use this in my own life, where at 8m., I look back on the day and ask, “What can I celebr8 about today?” I know it’s a little cheesy, but it works.


  • The other reason is the number 8, when you flip it on it’s side, is the infinity symbol, ∞ which for us is a very important gesture. We often say when somebody is a part of our Front Row family, it’s a forever thing. As you may know, creates life-changing experiences for people who are fighting for their lives. It’s not just about one day in the front row, it’s about how we live LIFE in the front row.


  • It just so happens, as a bonus, there’s 8 letters in the words FRONT ROW. Boom!



So for today, National Front Row day, when you get close to someone, place, idea or anything where you’re having a positive front row moment, just pause, throw your hands up in the air, with two fingers & straight arms, pointed to the sky and take a pic to capture the moment.

Share it with us on social with #NationalFrontRowDay.   By doing so, you will honor your own life, and all of our Front Row recipients, families, donors, supporters, and everyone in the community, who are choosing to live their life in the front row.

One final request if you’re willing to play full out with us.

At 8pm Eastern time, we will all take a moment of silence to honor all those individuals in the Front Row Community who’ve lost their lives and for those friends and families who have been deeply impacted as a result.

Sending love to you today.  Thanks for being part of our Front Row Family!


Your friend and fan,



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