#59: Ignite Your Personal Evolution with Mike Merriam

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#59: Ignite Your Personal Evolution with Mike Merriam

Mike Merriam - Closer Than You Think

Today I’m talking with Mike Merriam about the values, strengths and priorities that make up your Positive Core!

Mike is a successful and dynamic business executive, author, keynote speaker, and the CEO of Evolving Enterprise, where he is committed to the mission of inspiring human systems to their highest and best form by encouraging the development of for-purpose and socially conscious individuals, businesses, and organizations.

Through his books, keynote speaking, leadership training, and whole-system Appreciative Inquiry Summits, Mike teaches people and entire systems of people in a company or community how to create the foundation and the framework to develop new configurations of strengths, talents, wisdom, experiences, and perspectives that render their weaknesses irrelevant.

He recently authored his first book, Closer Than You Think – Six Fundamental Questions to Ignite Your Personal Evolution, and is most interested in helping people and organizations discover and implement their Values, Strengths, and Priorities, which he calls, the “Positive Core”.

During today’s interview, Mike shares his story and the inspiring transformation that allowed him to leave a life of mediocrity. We get a chance to talk about his new book “Closer Than You Think”, the Positive Core concept, the A.V.I.D framework, acting in the face of fear, Appreciative Inquiry, and the fundamental questions you can ask to maximize life and unlock your true potential.

''As long as you’re acting in alignment with your positive core, you’re guaranteed success.'' - Mike Merriam Click To Tweet

Here’s a quick breakdown of our chat…

  • [08:55] Find out how Mike left a mediocre life and uncovered his full potential.
  • [13:30] What makes up your “Positive Core” and how can it guarantee your success in anything you do.
  • [15:30] Mikes shares how he moved from a stressful life that he hated to living life in the Front Row.
  • [18:56] Discover the 6 fundamental questions to ignite your personal evolution.
  • [27:19] How to maximize your values, strengths and priorities so you can create a radical future.
  • [30:21] Conquer every day with the A.V.I.D framework!
  • [32:38] How to act in the face of fear and crush limiting beliefs.
  • [38:02] The importance of spending time with people that serve you the most.
  • [43:56] Mike explains why he supports The Front Row Foundation.
  • [45:54] Mike asks Jon the #1 question that will give you the biggest glimpse into someones life.
''Act in the face of fear... Feel the fear, but do it anyway.'' - Mike Merriam Click To Tweet

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