#78: The Millionaire Mindset, 6-Figure Flipping & Wealth Beyond Dollars with Matt Aitchison

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#78: The Millionaire Mindset, 6-Figure Flipping & Wealth Beyond Dollars with Matt Aitchison

Matt Aitchison - Millionaire Mindcast

Does wealth extend beyond dollars? Are you wealthy in certain areas of life, but completely bankrupt others? What is a millionaire mindset?

My guest today is Matt Aitchison.  In this show we tackle the topics of purpose, redefining wealth, and creating a life beyond your current expectations.

Matt is a millennial entrepreneur, 7-figure real estate investor, and wealth building mentor who has had great success following his turbulent start. After being expelled his senior year of high school, to later facing felony charges in college – when all hope seemed to be lost – Matt decided that his past would not equal his future. 

He committed to personal development and leading an intentional life, and since graduating from UC Santa Barbara has gone on to found and participate in multiple companies within the real estate, construction, and education spaces. 

Matt has been ranked in the Wall Street Journal Top 1000 for real estate teams nationwide, personally flipped over 100+ houses in 5 years, hosts a top ranked motivational podcast called Millionaire Mindcast, and now passionately mentors others on increasing their income, impact, and influence through both one-on-one coaching and his real estate flipping course, 6 Figure Flipper.

During this energetic convo, you’ll get to hear about his journey and the defining moments leading up to his success. We talk about building a legacy, redefining what it means to be wealthy, why finding your purpose is an evolutionary process, the mindset tool that allowed him to level up, and that’s just scratching the surface 🙂

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Here’s a quick breakdown of our chat…

  • [08:15] Find out how Matt is helping other people, just like you, build wealth through real estate investing!
  • [12:42] What legacy means and why it’s not just about the tangible assets you leave behind.
  • [13:43] The defining moment that led to his success AND how it’s completely prepared him to face anything that life throws his way.
  • [23:40] Wealth beyond dollars and finding true happiness by redefining what it means to be rich!
  • [28:31] Why is money important to you and how much is really enough? 
  • [34:26] The importance of determining your intentions before you go after any goal.
  • [39:00] Unpacking the disciplines, habits, and principles from the world’s most successful Millionaires.
  • [42:53] The life-long pursuit of finding your purpose.
  • [48:31] Discover the millionaire mindset tool that will help you level up your life!
  • [54:56] Why you must give yourself permission to unplug and disconnect

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