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#158: Who’s Really In Charge? Exploring the Challenge of Knowing When to Surrender, and When to Fight

maggie kellyHave you ever been in a situation that felt beyond your control? Sometimes it’s difficult to balance when to take charge and when to let go, especially when it comes to a loved one or child.

Today I am talking with Maggie Kelly. Maggie is a certified life coach, certified meditation instructor, podcast host, and founder of the Satsang House in Del Mar, California. Maggie is also the mother of Cole, a 17-year-old who is living with Cystic Fibrosis.

In this episode, Maggie and I talk about what it’s like to raise a child with CF. And we’ll explore the life lessons she’s learned along this journey.  


''Sometimes we get in the way of allowing our children to fly.'' - Maggie Kelly Click To Tweet

Here’s What You’ll Discover 

  • The last-minute decision that helped Maggie discover her son’s CF when he was only days old. [7:34]
  • What’s important to know as a parent, caregiver, or loved one of a someone battling CF. [10:30]
  • Lessons from Maggie on how (and why) to live in the present moment. [13:35]
  • How to balance surrendering and taking ownership of different situations in life. [31:50]

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