#97: Making One Step to the Summit with Mountaineer Lisa Thompson

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#97: Making One Step to the Summit with Mountaineer Lisa Thompson

Lisa Thompson - Front Row Factor

Finding the absolute edge of our limits is never an easy task, but is a critical part of achieving any kind of greatness in life. How then, can we push beyond what we believe is possible without going too far? Where is the line and how can we realize our true potential, even with goals that may be uncomfortable, extremely difficult, or seemingly out of reach?

Today, I get to talk with my friend Lisa Thompson, who is going to show you how to get one step closer to accomplishing your toughest goals and taking life to entirely new heights!

Lisa Thompson is an accomplished mountaineer who has stood on top of six of the world’s highest mountains, including, as you will hear, Mt. Everest.

Throughout her life, she has become adept at gracefully overcoming challenges in order to accomplish unexpected things.  She is a cancer survivor, and she is still the only person in her entire family to graduate from college. Afterwards, she grew her career from a field service engineer to the leader of a $25m organization.  

When she isn’t in the mountains, she spends her time traveling and sharing her story with other motivated people.

''I realized I am much stronger mentally and physically then I gave myself credit for.'' - Lisa Thompson Click To Tweet

Here’s a Quick Breakdown of Our Chat…

  • [12:58] Find out what life was like for Lisa growing up and how she came to love mountaineering.
  • [14:35] How the simple statement one more step can help you push beyond life’s biggest obstacles, build momentum, and accomplish more than you ever thought was possible.
  • [19:30] How did spite drive Lisa into a life of mountaineering and what can her experiences teach us about building self-confidence, overcoming adversity, ignoring the naysayers, and strengthening the mind?
  • [24:55] Why being diagnosed with Cancer never stopped her from accomplishing her toughest goal (at that time) of climbing The Himalayas.
  • [30:40] Lisa shares the critical factors to winning her fight against cancer.
  • [32:45] How to get and give the most out of every moment and the ‘See, Hear, Feel’ technique to intentionally feeling present.
  • [38:83] Lisa’s shares her Mt. Everest moments and why we are all capable of so much more than we think!
  • [53:00] What death can teach us about how to better appreciate life today.
''If you want me to do something, tell me I can’t and watch me prove you wrong.'' - Lisa Thompson Click To Tweet

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