#114: Drowning to Dreaming & Pushing Your Average to Excellent

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#114: Drowning to Dreaming & Pushing Your Average to Excellent

Kristen Waby - Ironman - Front Row FactorEveryone that goes through life is affected by fear. Fear can either hold us back or it can propel us forward. And while it’s a choice to overcome the things that terrify us the most, that’s always easier said than done!

So, what does it actually take to move past your deepest fears? What if you had a better understanding for how to turn fear into something that makes you come alive?

In this episode, my friend Kristen Waby – a mom, athlete, and Front Row Factor contributor, shares how she transformed her life by taking decisive steps away from fear and towards the things she found meaningful. Kristen conquered her fear of drowning head on by swimming 1.2 miles in a half-ironman race – and raised thousands of dollars for the Front Row Factor in the process.

This is one inspiring story you won’t want to miss!  

Here’s What You’ll Discover 

  • Learn who Kristen Waby is and what makes her come alive. [8:48]
  • Hear about her Front Row moment and the big decision that changed the course of her life. [15:44]
  • Terrified of drowning and facing it head on—Kristen teaches you to move through your deepest fears and how to give back in the process! [21:50]
  • How to Identify the moment makers in your life. [32:00]
  • Get Kristen’s top tips on health, productivity, spirituality, and fun. [38:00]
  • And much more…
''It took bravery to say ‘this isn’t what I want, this isn’t me.''' - Kristen Waby Click To Tweet

About Kristen Waby

Calling herself the “most normal guest” to the Front Row Factor, Kristen fully embraces the Front Row message. Wife, mother of two children (7 and 4), marathoner, podcast junkie, green smoothie connoisseur and eternal optimist Kristen Waby set out on a journey in 2016 to overcome her fear of swimming as well as raise money and awareness to benefit the Front Row Foundation by training and competing in a half Ironman…on her 35th birthday!  

Titling her journey TriLife – all puns intended — Kristen organized 3 fundraisers during her triathlon training and to-date has raised over $2100.  

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