#124: Purposefully Famous, 1-Year of Silence, & Positively Impacting the World

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#124: Purposefully Famous, 1-Year of Silence, & Positively Impacting the World

Karin Roest - Front Row Factor Podcast

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be famous? What would that look like for you and how could you use it to make a difference in the world?  

Today, I’m talking with Karin Roest, who has led and incredibly fascinating life. Courageously confronting the unknown, from sneaking in and out of war zones to rebuild African communities, to unraveling the mysterious deaths of her birth parents and biological sisters, to meditating for one year in silence.

Now Karin coaches everyday people on how to recognize their dreams and talents so they can use them to make a positive impact on the world.

According to Karin, everybody has a purpose and anyone who applies the right strategies to their purpose can make a difference. Not only is Karin a moment maker, she helps others build their own moments.  

''I am on a mission to redefine famous in a purposeful and positive way.'' - Karin Roest Click To Tweet

Here’s What You’ll Discover 

  • What Karin learned about the power of the mind after spending a year in silence at a Buddhist monastery. [8:00]
  • How your meaning in life is directly connected to your core values. [11:21]
  • Key questions to ask yourself in order to discover your own true purpose. [21:00]
  • Secret strategies that celebrities and A-listers use to gain recognition and how you can apply these same steps to optimize your own impact on the world. [31:13]
  • Ideas for helping kids realize their dreams for the future. [34:58]

About Karin Roest

Karin Roest was adopted from South Korea and raised in the Pacific Northwest with five adopted siblings and Dutch American parents. After high school, Karin let her curiosity take her around the world during college and kept on globetrotting for the next fifteen years.

Karin received her master’s degree in Strategic Communications from Columbia University which compliments her career as a producer and celebrity talent scout for Grammy award winning musicians, Nobel Peace Prize winners, TED talk speakers, best selling authors, and renowned philanthropists. Applying the same strategies and mindsets that contribute to their success to herself and her clients, she helps big thinkers and thought leaders transform their boldest thoughts into legacies that sustain their dreams while changing the world.

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