#108: A PHD in You with with Life Designer® Julie Reisler

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#108: A PHD in You with with Life Designer® Julie Reisler

Julie Reisler - Front Row Factor

Have you ever really looked at yourself in the mirror? Do you like what you see? Are your thoughts filled with self-criticism or self-love?

On average, we have around 70,000 thoughts every day – what do yours say about you?

In this episode, Life Designer® Julie Reisler, shares her triumphant story of overcoming low self-esteem and addiction to discover her true self. She offers helpful tips and advice for connecting deeply to your own divine aspect to find your real life’s purpose.

According to Julie, “You are your own best resource.


Here’s What You’ll Discover 

  • Listen as Julie shares her personal life struggles and challenges and how she overcame them. [6:58]
  • Identify patterns in your inner dialogue and what they reveal about you. [10:27]
  • Hear some amazing transformational stories of people who discovered their true life’s passion and purpose. [17:54]
  • What is Julie’s book “Get a PhD in YOU” all about? [22:15]
  • Recognize what’s holding you back from living out your own life’s dreams. [34:45]
  • Identify different ways to really look at yourself in the mirror. [39:30]
  • Find out about the special gift Julie is offering up to Front Row listeners. [55:55]
  • And much more……
''What can you appreciate right now about who you are? Start there.'' - Julie Reisler Click To Tweet

About Julie Reisler

Author and Life Designer® Julie Reisler, is the founder and CEO of Empowered Living, a Life Design and personal development company.  Author of, Get a PhD in YOU: A Course in Miraculous Self-Discovery, Julie authentically shares the extensive personal-growth wisdom that came from her own struggles with body image, relationships, and feeling “not enough.” As a speaker, coach, author and faculty member at Georgetown University’s coaching program, Julie is enamored with helping you to master your inner world so you can master your outer world. She is a mama of two, step-mama of one, happily remarried, and in love with her very imperfect life. For more info on Julie, go to JulieReisler.com.

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