#65: Saying Yes & Getting a Jump Start on Your Best Year Ever with Josh Painter

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#65: Saying Yes & Getting a Jump Start on Your Best Year Ever with Josh Painter

Josh Painter - Impact Club

When was the last time you said no to something you felt was undeserving of your time? Have you ever thought of what might happen if you said YES more often?

On this episode, I’m talking with Josh Painter, a Front Row Foundation donor whose experience saying yes completely changed the trajectory of his entire life!  

Josh Painter is a top selling real estate broker who thrives by building lifetime relationships with his clients. Since launching Pacific Lifestyles Realty to serve Temecula, California and its surrounding region in 2010, Josh has built a powerhouse roster of 40 agents and personally sold over 500 homes. Of course, his success didn’t happen overnight. You can check out his full story here.

Creating a wildly successful business isn’t the only thing that matters to Josh. In fact, he believes his company is simply the vehicle to making a bigger difference in the world. As one example, he and his team have generously donated over $16,000 to the Front Row Foundation which allowed Front Row recipient, Jayden Avilla, a chance to experience an unforgettable Front Row moment.

During today’s interview, you’ll see what else makes Josh such an incredible human being, including the Impact Club, an organization he started that is creating massive change with small donations. You’ll also see Josh’s approach to setting short term goals, overcoming rock bottom moments, the power of saying “Yes”, and living life fully and authentically.

''No matter what happens, I’ll survive. No matter what happens, I’ll find a way.'' - Josh Painter Click To Tweet

Here’s a quick breakdown of our chat…

  • [12:49] Find out about Josh’s outrageous goal to meet Eddie Vedder and how he actually fulfilled it.
  • [19:39] How the Impact Club is leveraging small donations to make a big difference.
  • [27:33] Discover why there’s no glory in mediocrity.
  • [28:48] Overcoming epic failures and rock bottom moments.
  • [32:09] How saying yes to a cup of coffee transformed Josh’s entire life.
  • [38:58] The secret to saying it like it is and being your authentic self.
  • [41:30] The importance of living in the NOW.
  • [44:48] The purpose of life and making the most of every moment.
  • [50:42] Knowing when to say “I quit” vs. having the fortitude to push on.
''If it can be done, then why not me?'' - Josh Painter Click To Tweet

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