#126: Becoming a Superlearner with Jonathan Levi

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#126: Becoming a Superlearner with Jonathan Levi

Jonathan Levi - Superlearner

Do you ever struggle with remembering things? Would you like to pick up a new language or be able to read a book faster than you ever thought possible? If so, you are going to love this next guest.

Today, I’m talking with my fascinating friend, Jonathan Levi. Jonathan is an entrepreneur, angel investor, life hacker and founder of the Superlearner Academy. He is originally from the Silicon Valley, but now lives in Tel Aviv where he devotes his time to helping people learn to live a non-traditional life.

In this episode, Jonathan shares his personal transformation from a troubled student struggling in grade school and college to a guy who has successfully built companies, completed a rigorous MBA program, and has become a true expert in the skills it takes to develop superhuman learning abilities.

''If you know how to learn, you can do anything and be anything that you want to.'' - Jonathan Levi Click To Tweet

Here’s What You’ll Discover 

  • Memory and learning techniques Jonathan discovered that were truly game-changing.  [14:50]
  • What Jonathan believes is the biggest thing that makes a difference in how you move forward in life. [16:17]
  • Interesting insights into how your brain works, processes, and retains information. [21:53]
  • A simple technique you can use right now to learn words in a new language. [25:53]
  • Why Jonathan believes that many of the speed reading programs today are using the wrong methods. [37:51]
  • And much more…

About Jonathan Levi

Jonathan Levi is an experienced entrepreneur, angel investor, and lifehacker from Silicon Valley. Since 2014, Jonathan has been one of the top-performing instructors on the web, with his course series Become a SuperLearner earning him over 110,000 students. He has since snowballed this success into the launch of his rapidly growing information products company, SuperHuman Enterprises, which produces such products as the award-winning Becoming SuperHuman Podcast; the bestselling “Become a SuperLearner” print, digital, and audiobooks; and numerous online courses. Most recently, he launched The SuperLearner Academy, a private, online academy where he teaches premium-level masterclasses in accelerated learning and productivity. He is based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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