#50: Family Board Meetings with Author & Entrepreneur Jim Sheils

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#50: Family Board Meetings with Author & Entrepreneur Jim Sheils

Jim Sheils - Family Board Meeting - Front Row FactorToday I’m talking with Jim Sheils about the most important and powerful board meeting you’ll ever have!

Jim Sheils is on a clear mission in this lifetime: deepen relationships and improve education for entrepreneur families.

His popular “Family Board Meeting” strategy has helped parents worldwide reconnect with their children in fun & experiential ways. By creating “The Education Matrix”, Jim is also helping to change our educational system and better prepare our children for the more practical affairs of life.

Jim’s company, Board Meetings International LLC, hosts parent/child retreats and specialized events. Using the principles of experiential education, they teach the important lessons not taught in school and strengthen the relationship between successful entrepreneurs & their children.

Jim is an avid surfer, enjoys traveling and spending quality time with family and friends, especially his beautiful wife Jamie, his two sons, and their little sister, Maggie.

During today’s interview, Jim shares how he developed a passion for parenting and is now helping entrepreneurs create deeper connections with their families. We also chat about the importance of rhythms, dealing with overwhelm, educating your kids, The Family Board Meeting, and lot’s more!

''There’s absolutely no substitute for quality time'' - Jim Sheils Click To Tweet

Here’s a quick breakdown of our chat…

  • [10:59] How the family board meeting strategy is helping entrepreneurial families!  
  • [13:34] The 3 guidelines for creating deeper connections with your children
  • [16:14] How to Rhythmize your life so you can accomplish greatness
  • [22:46] The pinnacle moment that led to his passion for parenting
  • [30:28] The Board Meeting Retreat – the only retreat on Earth designed to grow entrepreneurial family connection and educate kids in the values that YOU care about.
  • [34:25] A willingness to break protocol, be vulnerable, and give your kids the best education possible
  • [39:31] Find out how to deal with overwhelm
''Rhythms are the absolute tool to freedom'' - Jim Sheils Click To Tweet

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