#15 Risk for Passion with Jeremy “Brotha James” Reisig

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#15 Risk for Passion with Jeremy “Brotha James” Reisig

Today we’re joined by a musician and businessman who moves the world with his voice and powerfully moving lyrics: Jeremy Reisig (AKA: Brotha James) Not only did this guy write a song for Front Row Foundation, but his every word today is an inspiration to living a better and more positive life. We go through the details of how to maintain the balance of life in business, pursuing a passion that’s conflicting and making it work harmoniously with your current business.

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Music is an incredible avenue to combine the psychologies of what we’ve learned. – Jeremy Click To Tweet

Today’s topics included:

  • Exploring risk in our lives: when is it good to take the risk and when it’s worth not taking the risk in life?
  • The importance of not making money your goal
  • “What would you do for free?”
  • Being open to advice and getting the advice at the right time
  • Jeremy’s creative process for making music
  • Ingredients for a back row to front row moment
  • Advice for people wanting to live in the front row

Jeremy tells all about how he pursued his passions and purpose in life and how he created a business that allowed for financial freedom so he could pursue more of his passions. He’s got an incredible story that you won’t want to miss and it will inspire you.

Fit your passion and your purpose in your life in a real intentional way. – Jeremy Click To Tweet

Links and resources:

Bold by Peter H. Diamandis

Garage Band

Jeremy’s Facebook page

Jeremy’s YouTube channel

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