#56: Creating Magic Moments with Magician Jeff Kaylor

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#56: Creating Magic Moments with Magician Jeff Kaylor

Jeff Kaylor - Magic - MagicianToday I’m talking with Jeff Kaylor, who is here to show you how to think like a magician so you can create magic moments in your life and the lives of those around you!  

Jeff Kaylor is a magic creator, consultant, performer, speaker, and cinematographer. He has been on a tour of the world, performing and teaching magic in over 300 cities in 21 countries. Jeff is also the co-founder of the Magic Estate in Orlando, Fl which he explains during the show.

Jeff is currently touring the country speaking for companies and creative societies with his “Creating Magic Moments” speech. Jeff teaches the techniques of world renowned magicians so that his audience can create memorable moments and unforgettable relationships in their lives and businesses.

During today’s interview, Jeff describes how he got his start as a magician and how it helped him break out of his shell. We dig deep on a number of powerful topics like breaking patterns to amplify your life, creating deeper, more intentional relationships, the importance of living in the present, and believing in the people around you.

This interview is loaded with so much value and solid advice from a new friend that I truly admire. You won’t want to miss a bit of it!

''The most important thing that we have is the present moment and being with the people in front of us'' - Jeff Kaylor Click To Tweet

Here’s a quick breakdown of our chat…

  • [07:00] Find out why Jeff lives with a mindreader, motivational speaker, illusionist, magician, inventor, dolphin trainer, lawyer, and a comedian.
  • [13:06] Jeff shares how he’s helping others create magic moments in their own daily experiences.
  • [15:56] Find out how breaking patterns with a rubber shrimp got Jeff booked at the #1 tourist destination in the world!
  • [21:03]How to train yourself to be creative and use the Magic Moment Mindset to improve your life AND the lives around you.
  • [26:27] The importance of living in the present moment and breaking routine.
  • [43:31] What do best friends, Worthday’s, and bacon roses all have in common?
  • [49:08] Discover how to love the people in your life, better.
  • [54:09] Believing in the people around you so they can believe in themselves.
  • [58:16] Jeff shares his thoughts on death and the major impact that his Father had on his life.
''How can I make everyone else the main event?'' - Jeff Kaylor Click To Tweet

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