#55: The Book Of Open with Jason MacKenzie

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#55: The Book Of Open with Jason MacKenzie

Jason MacKenzie - The Book of Open - Front Row Factor

Today I’m talking with Jason MacKenzie about the power of vulnerability.  

Jason is a father, speaker, author and coach.  He shows people around the world how to create their best lives by finally finding the courage to share their real stories.   

Jason is sharing the important life lessons he has learned from his harrowing personal journey.  He is a survivor of his wife’s battle with bipolar disorder and subsequent suicide and has overcome a decade-long battle with alcohol. His driving purpose is to propel those who want more from their lives to increasingly higher levels of personal and professional performance through cultivating the power of vulnerability.  He teaches them it’s in the crucible of authenticity where they will develop unlimited strength, courage and wisdom.

His goal is to equip every person with the tools to be honest with themselves about who they really are and to make choices that will create more of what they want in their lives.

During today’s interview, Jason shares his incredible journey of hardships and transformational moments. We also talk about the power of vulnerability, making small contributions, teaching your kids to take ownership, his new book and lot’s more!

''You have so much power to influence the world, you just have to believe it.'' - Jason MacKenzie Click To Tweet

Here’s a quick breakdown of our chat…

  • [04:46] Jason explains that he’s finally building the life he was put on this earth to build.
  • [10:35] Jason shares the story of his wife’s battle with bipolar disorder and the moments leading up to her tragic suicide.  
  • [18:11] Find out how The Hero’s Complex enabled Jason’s drinking problem and the powerful words that completely transformed his life.
  • [23:04] How vulnerability can help identify what to CREATE and LOVE the most in your life.
  • [32:24] How to find your passion through openness and making small contributions.
  • [36:05] When is vulnerability self serving and intrusive and how you can turn it into the key ingredient to serve others.
  • [39:57] Advice to Fathers for creating an unbreakable bond with their children.
  • [44:01] Teaching your kids to take ownership of their lives through the power of choice.
  • [45:48} Why it’s okay to admit to your kids when you just don’t know.
''When you’re afraid to tell yourself the truth, you can’t be honest with anybody else.'' - Jason MacKenzie Click To Tweet

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