Is This Your Best?

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Is This Your Best?

Is right now the best it will ever be?
Maybe not.

A couple years ago, our family was getting photos taken, when I commented to the Photographer (my friend Marcus), “I’m not looking my best right now.” To which he responded, “Jon… this is the best you’ll ever look.”


At first, I was thinking — No way, I’m just getting better with age! Then, I realized what he was really saying.

He was making the point that I should appreciate the way I look TODAY. It’s not that I can’t take actions to “improve” myself — find a great hairstyle, get in better shape, discover that I look better in blue, etc… but stick with me here and see the point he’s making, which is brilliant.

Each day, as my life is ending one minute at a time, I should appreciate me — RIGHT NOW. When I’m 60, I imagine looking back on today (currently 40) and thinking — wow, so young. There are most certainly things I’m taking for granted in this moment.

How many times do we fail to appreciate who we are, what we have and all those opportunities that surround us?

It’s quite possible, for some of us, that today, in some areas of life, will be the best it’ll ever be. Depressing thought? It doesn’t have to be. Perhaps inspiring.

We don’t know tomorrow. We do speculate. We do hope. We do envision. These are good things.

And more good news? Tomorrow IS most likely just the beginning for so much greatness and the best is yet to come — especially when you do your part. I DON’T think it serves us to harp on the worst case scenario, however…

It’s also smart, since we can’t predict the future… to own the moment and appreciate the impermanence of our situation. Be grateful, today.

It’s also smart to work hard for what’s likely coming tomorrow. I believe we’re built for progress. To build. To grow. To expand. To give. To make a difference.

So much good in my life has come from raising my standards, pushing for more, settling for nothing less than excellence, etc.


So much pain has come from having impossible standards, wanting what I don’t have and failing to appreciate what’s right in front of me.

Where’s the balance? How much time do we spend appreciating the here and now, and how much time planning, envisioning and working towards a better tomorrow? Can we do both at the same? Finding that balance….well that’s the art of living I suppose. I’m practicing daily. How about you?

How can we live in a flow state more often? (Flow being defined as: “the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.”) THAT is an awesome place to be.

I expect the future to be filled with awesomeness — and why shouldn’t I? I’m an optimist, so this is what I believe: Travel the road towards your biggest dreams and goals, AND stop to smell the roses along the way.

The key is to keep adjusting until you find your bliss. Keep checking in and listening to your heart. Keep good people in your front row to help hold up a mirror from time to time.

According to the Wiki’s of Pedia’s 🙂 Buddha describes “the middle way as a path of moderation, between the extremes.”

Another great perspective from Gandhi… “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

No matter where you are today, this may help put things in perspective… “Your worst day is another persons brightest dream,” said someone brilliant once.

Have fun striking the balance between the past, present and future, and make your beautiful life into art — starting today.


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