Fitting In & Standing Out

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Fitting In & Standing Out





How can I fit in? How can I get others to like and accept me?

These were primary questions I asked myself as a child and young adult.

Interestingly, there was a 2nd type of question I was asking at the exact same time…

How can I stand out? How can I get noticed? How can others say, “Hey….look how awesome Jon is.”

Isn’t it interesting how we can have paradoxical desires?

A person can value both cuddling by the fireplace and living the thrill of adventure. We can (and do!) love things on both ends of the spectrum.

As I’ve grown, my questions have shifted a bit….

Today, I’m training myself to ask, “How can we COME TOGETHER and MAKE THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE?”

It’s really a question of “How can we each use our unique strengths, coupled with our deep passions, in order to generate the most positive outcome?”

I see people as puzzle pieces, but ones that change over time. You probably won’t just neatly fit into only one puzzle throughout your life.  It’s more likely that you’ll fit into many puzzles.  As you take shape, you will collaborate with others and form a larger, more magnificent work of art.

Today, I invite you to ask a few questions…

  1. How can you share your strengths and passions with others?
  2. How can you help others share theirs?
  3. Who can you come together with so that you can achieve more collectively than you could individually?

When everybody brings their best, when we work together, when we come together, there’s no challenge we can’t overcome and no goal too big.

Your friend and fan,


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