#1: The Miracle Morning with Author Hal Elrod

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#1: The Miracle Morning with Author Hal Elrod

The Miracle Morning book, which has over 1,000 raving reviews on amazon, has been transforming lives for years.  My buddy Hal Elrod (@HalElrod) , the author, is also the #1 donor to Front Row Foundation and  one of my best buddies.  So….. we’ve got a all-access backstage pass for today’s interview.


(Hal Elrod (Left), Jon Berghoff & Yours Truly)

In this show (my first Podcast recording ever…) Hal shares his incredible life story that includes a car accident that left him without a heartbeat for 6 minutes, loosing his home, being financially devastated and ultimately leading to where he is today – a thriving author, speaker, husband and father.  This guy is my hero in so many ways.  

In this super fun episode we dig into… (sometimes with total sarcasm that comes with two friends chatting!)

  • The six practices that sparked transformation and became the basis of his book (also the #1 strategy I believe everyone needs to Live Life In The Front Row)
  • Action oriented affirmations and why most of what we’ve been taught doesn’t work

Oh yeah…. You’ll love this.  Front Row Foundation teamed up with Hal for the BestYearEverLive.com  2-day experience, in San Diego.  Hope to see you there!

Additional Resources:

Check out Hal’s website, halelrod.com

His book The Miracle Morning

Hal’s Miracle Morning Facebook community

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