#64: Becoming What You Think You Are with Darvece Monson

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#64: Becoming What You Think You Are with Darvece Monson

Darvece Monson - Chronic Kidney Disease

Can you think of the most difficult time in your life and how you were able to battle through that hardship?  How did that shape the person you are today?  Who are you really, and are you acting accordingly?  In what ways can you step up in life and BE who you really are?

Today’s conversation is with Front Row Foundation recipient Darvece Monson, a courageous human being who has overcome more than her fair share of life challenges and is here to give you the power to do just the same!

In 2015, at just 34 years old, Darvece Monson founded “More Than Your Kidneys” at her hospital bedside table with $50 and a refurbished computer. As lifelong “Health Nut”, nurse of 18 years, model, writer, performer, personal trainer, fitness instructor, nutritional counselor, she was hit hard by the news that she had Chronic Kidney Disease, among other health complications. In her continued pursuit to find a transplant candidate, Darvece was driven by the lack of services available to her and was thus compelled to make a difference.

This interview takes us through the ups and downs of the last 19 months when her life took a completely unexpected turn.  We talk today about how she’s not only fighting for her life, but also helping others do the same. You’ll find out how she finally became the person she always thought she was AND how she finds joy, even during the darkest times of her life. As a bonus, I also ask her to freestyle a little spoken word, as the front row team tipped me off that if you hand her the mic, you should prepare to be blown away. They were right!

''I knew that I could make my life whatever I wanted it to be'' - Darvece Monson Click To Tweet

Here’s a quick breakdown of our chat…

  • [04:02] How her battle with Chronic Kidney Disease completely disrupted the world she knew and how she became a Front Row recipient.
  • [12:25] How her search for helpful resources led to her life’s mission and the non-profit organization, More Than Your Kidneys.  
  • [14:51] Darvece shares her Front Row moment and the famous comedian that she was destined to meet!
  • [25:07] How she overcame an incredibly difficult childhood and became the courageous, bold, passionate woman that she is today.
  • [27:52] Darvece throws down an EPIC freestyle spoken word performance during our call that will blow you away!
  • [33:31] How to find the joy in everything, even when life gets tough!  
  • [43:03] What her Front Row experience taught her about dreaming BIG.
  • [51:25] Find out the process for donating a kidney and helping someone in need.
  • [01:06:21] Some powerful parting advice for anyone who is diagnosed with a life altering disease!
''Now is the time to become the person you already think you are.'' - Darvece Monson Click To Tweet

Darvece’s Front Row Experience

Interested in supporting Darvece?

To find out more about getting tested and becoming her kidney donor contact:

Name: Kanisha, Donor Coordinator
Phone: 773-702-4500
Other info: explain you would like to get tested to be a donor for Darvece Monson, DOB 08/31/80

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