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Dads… When you get to the end of your life, what will matter, more than anything else? How will your legacy live on, even after you are gone? The Front Row Dads brotherhood was formed to create a place for fathers to connect around, strategize on, and deepen their sense of purpose for – the most important role they will ever play.

Each year, Front Row Dads come together twice for two world-class retreats – to laugh, to learn, and to lift each other towards the very best fathers, husbands, and men that we can be.

Join a brotherhood of like-hearted dads!
Learn strategies for optimum family success!
Deepen your sense of purpose as a father!

Here’s the 5-minute application for the Front Row Dad’s Membership.
Your answers can be one sentence or longer if you wish — no need to hurt yourself.  
Our team will respond within 48 hours to talk about the next step, where we may set up a quick call to chat.  
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