#31: CrossFit Coach Chris Spealler on “What’s Lasting”, Underdog Spirit & Faith

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#31: CrossFit Coach Chris Spealler on “What’s Lasting”, Underdog Spirit & Faith

''Whatever it is you’re going through, believe that you have the ability to get it done'' - @CSpealler Click To Tweet

This week I’m talking with legendary CrossFit Games competitor and coach, Chris Spealler, who I was introduced to by my friend Charlie Brenneman back in episode 29 of the podcast.  

Chris Spealler was an individual competitor in 7 CrossFit Games, is an Affiliate Owner, and trainer for CrossFit Headquarters teaching a variety of seminars both domestic and internationally.

He helped grow the sport of CrossFit through competing and teaching since 2007, and currently has an awesome online program IconAthlete.com, which is specifically designed for individuals aspiring to compete in CrossFit.

In today’s talk, we touch on a variety of topics, including family, faith, overcoming adversity, mental strength, and so much more. During this interview, Chris really puts life in perspective and helps you understand what truly matters the most.

Here’s a quick breakdown of our chat…

  • Making your Family a priority
  • What is Crossfit and how can it help you to build a better life?
  • Find out how Chris got his start with CrossFit and why he’s so passionate about the sport
  • How a relationship with Christ helps Chris stay grounded
  • Living with no regrets and knowing what matters the most
  • Hard work, self confidence, and a drive to succeed
  • Find out why it’s okay to fail!
  • How to remove pressure from your life and turn failures into success
  • Find out why Chris teaches his kids to fail
  • Parenting patience and becoming selfless
  • Learn how to become mentally strong
  • The importance of building a strong identity outside of your work
  • Finding work-life balance and being fully present with every moment
  • Learn why you should stop taking everything so personally
  • What is Icon Athlete and who is it for?
  • Learning to adapt with your business
  • Find out how the answer to “what’s lasting in your life?” can put everything in perspective
  • Building a legacy and documenting your journey
  • Get away from your routine and start living!
''Not everything we do is going to succeed'' - @CSpealler Click To Tweet

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