Celebr8 Life in the Front Row!

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Celebr8 Life in the Front Row!





How do you CELEBR8 life?

On a 1-10 scale, how would you rate your ability to CELEBR8 (I’m not just talking birthdays and major holidays, I’m talking about the little moments that make up our life)?

In the past, I’ve been TERRIBLE!   I remember clearly birthdays and other holidays bringing as much anxiety as joy.   I’ve watched others who are great at this, and practiced over and over, I think today,  it’s it’s becoming a strength.  In fact, it’s one of the best tools I have available to maximize my experience of life, it helps my business and no question, I’m a better family man because of it.

Celebr8tion allows us to express appreciation, it’s shines the light on what’s good, it’s amplifies what’s right, and is a skill that can even be the silver lining to the toughest situations.

How can we start to make this a habit?

Like anything….we need reminders. Triggers.  A little nudge to move us in the right direction.

To make CELEBR8ing a habit, our family said, every night at 8pm, let’s ask, “What can we CELEBR8 about this day?”  Another words, what were the bright spots, the best moments, etc.

Then I thought, what if we didn’t wait until the evening, but could we do this all day long?   What would remind me to CELEBR8?

It hit me….

Every time I see the number “8” – that’s my reminder to pause and CELEBR8!

Ok ok….I know it’s a bit cheesy.   The obvious rhyme.   Don’t let the cheese stop you from using it.  It works.

For the next 8 days, try it. Every time you hear or see the number 8 — take a quick moment (could be .5 seconds) and CELEBR8 something or someone.

The most fulfilled people are the ones that can find MANY reasons to CELEBR8 in almost any environment or situation, positive or not-so-positive.  I’m not saying this is easy — I am saying it’s powerful.

What can you CELEBR8 right now?

Share your comments, ideas or stories below 🙂




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