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#153: Running Towards Discomfort: Using Pain as Fuel for Growth and Purpose

Would you consider sitting in complete darkness for 30 days? Or spending time with people who have less than six months to live? Today I’m talking with my new friend, Traver Boehm. Traver is an author, speaker, men’s coach, and founder of Man Uncivilized. After experiencing a series of extreme losses in his life, Traver …


#152: Bent Not Broken: How Being a Kung-Fu Expert Saved One Man’s Life

What’s your story?  Do you feel like you have one that you want to share with the world? My new friend David Wenzel has a story to tell, and although it starts with Kung Fu, his story is about so much more. David was diagnosed 9 years ago with a brain tumor – and given …


#151: Brandy Salazar on Building Community and Creating Front Row Moments

Have you ever thought about creating a front row moment for someone? Would people show up to help if you asked them to? On this episode, I am talking with my friend, Brandy Salazar. Brandy is a member of the Front Row Family, a wife, mom, and friend to many. Today, she is going to …


150: Fighting For The Future: How to Live, Learn and Grow Through Heart Centered Service

Dying is something that you can’t stop. But according to today’s guest, living is a choice. Would you agree? On this episode of the Front Row Factor, I’m talking with my new friend, Brannon Beliso. Brannon is an 8th degree black belt, author, speaker, and the founder of One Martial Arts. He approaches everything from …


#149: The Crucibles Gift: How Our Darkest Moments Can Become Our Greatest Gifts

When you face adversity in your life, how do you handle it? According to my next guest, Dr. James Kelley, your mindset will greatly impact what you do moving forward. Dr. Kelley interviewed over 130 different leaders for this book, The Crucible’s Gift: 5 Lessons from Authentic Leaders Who Thrive in Adversity. In today’s episode, …


#148: Your Best Life Ever – How to Choose The Right Environment, Relationships and Questions for Success and Fulfillment

Could one weekend, one event, or one breakthrough change the course of your life? It’s possible. In fact, if you attend the Best Year Ever Blueprint LIVE (BYEB) December 7 – 9th, it is probable. On today’s podcast, I’m talking with my good friends Jon Berghoff and Hal Elrod about the upcoming BYEB event in …


#147: Funding Your Dream Life: Recreate the Story that Fear is Telling You and Begin Living on Purpose

Do you live out your career in the front row – or find yourself stuck in a job that no longer serves you? Today I am talking with my long-time friend and Front Row supporter, Sarah Andrus. Sarah is a career coach who shows people how to identify their own unique skills and build the …


#146: Creating Conversations that Earn Respect, Grab Attention and Build Relationships

What does the phrase “dig a well before you’re thirsty” mean to you? Many people have used this phrase, but according to my next guest, Jordan Harbinger, most people don’t expect to ever be “thirsty”. Jordan, a former Wall Street attorney and world traveller, spent many years as the host of the popular podcast, The …


#145: Lessons in Feminine Power from the Meanest Women Alive

Do you ever feel like there’s something holding you back from achieving the level of success that you’d like? What if you already have everything that you need to reach the next level – but simply don’t realize it?  It may be time to uncover your kick-assets. My guest today is Linda Smith. Linda’s tenacity …


#144: Look To The Sky: Lessons Learned from Superheroes about Hope, Taking Action & Meaningful Moments

When was the last time someone asked you how your heart is today? Have you ever been asked that question? This was one of several intriguing topics I discussed with today’s guest, Brett Culp. Brett is an acclaimed filmmaker and keynote speaker who spent many years as a wedding and personal cinematographer for Hollywood celebrities, …

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