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What Are You Grateful For?

Want to have your best year ever? Have you celebrated your wins of the past year? Right now, what are you grateful for? Recently, 300 people from 13 countries united at to celebrate an epic 2015, plan their best year ever in 2016 and celebrate Front Row Foundation’s 10-Year Anniversary. I’m beyond grateful for the …


What’s the Best Life to Live?

Do you compare yourself to others?  I do. When I’m NOT in the business of comparing myself to others, or wishing I was somewhere else, it dawns on me, I’m really really happy.  There is power in the present moment. What’s the best party in town? The one you’re at. Who are the best people …


What Problem Do You Solve?

What problem will you solve and for whom? Powerful question, eh? I want to help the Front Row Community and other entrepreneurial-minded individuals who are interested in living fully, sharing openly and elevating humanity through blending passion and purpose into one mission that thrives continually, for all.  I solve the problem of fear standing in …


The Benefits of the Back Row!

Are there benefits of the back row? Heck yeah. I know, I know…. I’ve spent 10 years talking about why you must live a front row life! Stay with me here. In this video, I talk about why the back row can be beneficial at times. I dig into perspective, contrast and more… Fun little …


Dealing with Overwhelm

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed right now!  You know the feeling? I just got back from 10 days of traveling, and while I don’t regret the decision to hang with my wife in Amsterdam and Paris sipping wine and eating baguettes, I’m feeling the effects of being away BIG TIME! The moment I touch down, …


Mindfulness, Mediation & Mastering Emotions

Do you have a meditation chair? I do, and it’s awesome. Why do I do this? So many people have reached out to me over the years recommending that I try these exercises.  They’ve claimed that meditation is a big factor in their success strategies. I had nothing to lose, so I dove in. So …


The Power of Silence, Space and Spirituality

If you could wave a magic wand and have your life be exactly the way you want it, what would it look like? How much silence, space and spirituality would you have? How much better do you think your life might be if you could gain momentum and focus rather than being distracted by day …


Act Your Way Into Courage

What have you been putting off that you know you need to act with courage about? Maybe it’s that thing you’ve been procrastinating about for the longest time?  Whatever it is, I encourage you to get out there and do it … make it happen! Don’t wait for the perfect time, because there is no …

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