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Can Mortality Inspire Vitality?

        In the end, what do you most want to be remembered for? Do you know the top 5 regrets of the dying? (I share them in the video.) At times, considering my own death scares me, and other times, it inspires me. When I think about my time being limited, it …


Amplify What’s Right … Silence What’s Not!

        Do you focus more on what’s going right in your life … or on the things that are going wrong? I’m challenging you to turn the volume up on the good, the fun, the exciting … while muting out the bad. Now, I’m not saying that you should ignore every problem. …


4 Steps To Hitting Your Biggest Goals

        How do you hit your biggest goals and dreams without getting overwhelmed? It comes down to managing each moment. When we have a long road ahead of us, it’s easy to start doubting our abilities.  (This became apparent to me after I signed up for a 52-mile ultra marathon and didn’t …


Fitting In & Standing Out

        How can I fit in? How can I get others to like and accept me? These were primary questions I asked myself as a child and young adult. Interestingly, there was a 2nd type of question I was asking at the exact same time… How can I stand out? How can …


Creating Powerful Evening Routines

        What’s your evening routine? For years mine has been all over the place. One of my best buddies Hal Elrod has taken the world by storm with his best seller The Miracle Morning and I’ve seen the impact and importance of morning routines. I’ve found that when my evening routine is …


3 Keys to a Meaningful Life

        There are 3 principles to Living a Front Row Life…. Hope For The Future Live In The Moment Celebrate Our Experiences Here’s a quick breakdown. 1.)  HOPE FOR THE FUTURE: What are you looking forward to? Is it a vacation? A concert? Dinner with friends? How can you use that excitement …


Thank YOU for saving the world…

Do you ever feel fatigued in pursuit of your big dreams and goals? As I write my next book, The Front Row Factor, I feel lost, tired and confused at times. Today, I busted out the white board and started with “Why am I doing this?” I asked myself three questions… How does this help …


Finding Your Superpowers

Hello, everyone! What are your superpowers? In this week’s 2-min video, I share with you an enlightening exercise. Have you ever written out all your superpowers, unique abilities or strengths? If you have/did…… would they match what your friends, family or co-workers would say? At times, it’s important to ignore the opinions of others and …


Is Your Brilliance Being Recognized?

Did you know that Van Gogh only sold one painting in his lifetime? And then….. In 1990, ONE of his paintings of Dr. Gachet sold for 82.5 million! Sometimes I base my own value…. on how others value me. Am I alone here? It’s a tricky balance of caring what others think, because let’s face it, …


Interrupting Interruptions: How to Deal with Distractions

  Today, make a list of all the things that are distracting you from achieving your highest priorities. Next, decide intentionally how you will interrupt the interruptions that are keeping you from moving forward towards the life of your dreams. I’d love to hear your comments, either on YouTube or the blog, as to what …

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