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Turn Boring Conversation Into Brilliant Moments

          There’s no question that over the years, in many conversations, I’ve felt bored. I’ve struggled to find value… but I’m not convinced it’s entirely the other persons fault. And…based on the fact that one of my greatest fears is wasting my life, it forces me to find ways to make …


3 Keys To Choosing the Right Environment

        Recently, my wife and I were talking about what school would be the best environment for our 7-year old? (You may hear me talk about “What’s In Your Front Row?” – to me this is the same thing as your environment. It’s WHAT and WHO is close to us. It’s what …


3 Steps To Move Your Projects Forward

        Writing a book isn’t easy. I’m finding that out – Every. Single. Day. I’m PUMPED that the Front Row Factor book is coming out around thanksgiving, and I couldn’t be more thrilled about the project but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s been super challenging. After having a call this …


3 Steps To Make Powerful Choices

        Are you a powerful decision maker? Would your track record say you are? Do you have a decision making process? At times in life, I’ve struggled with big decisions. I’ve stumbled upon a solid system you can use to make big decisions, whether it’s who to marry or what to have …


Here’s how to be the rock star in your own life

        Sometimes you’re the rockstar, sometime you’re the rock fan. Both are essential, and each play a big role. Sometimes you doing the cheering, sometimes you’re cheered for. My buddy Hal Elrod, Author of the Miracle Morning, was Front Row at a UFC fight this weekend. Here’s a guy who’s usually the …


2 Big Lessons From Jeff Hoffman, Serial Entrepreneur (,, ColorJar)

        I had the privilege of having dinner with Jeff Hoffman, Serial Entrepreneur (,, ColorJar), last night. It was awesome! I quickly found myself deeply engaged in the stories he shared and the life/business lessons that each one contained. We talked about how came to be, traveling the world, hanging …


Prioritizing Relations & Saying No

        Steve Jobs once said, “Focusing is about saying no”.  (He mentions it here.)   When we choose to give our attention to specific people in life, we’re often forced to minimize attention for others.  Only 24 hours each day to play ? How do WE choose WHO gets our attention?  Who’s attention are …


Is Fear Holding You Back?

          So many of us want to make a difference. So many of us want to experience life to the fullest. So many of us want to experience life to the fullest. Yet one thing often stands in the way. Fear. Who would you be in the absence of fear? What …


Celebr8 Life in the Front Row!

        How do you CELEBR8 life? On a 1-10 scale, how would you rate your ability to CELEBR8 (I’m not just talking birthdays and major holidays, I’m talking about the little moments that make up our life)? In the past, I’ve been TERRIBLE!   I remember clearly birthdays and other holidays bringing …


The Life Changing Magic of Turning S%!# Into Something Else

        Life can be less than ideal at times.   Can I get an Amen?   When was the last time you were pushed to the limits and about to lose your mind?   On countless occasions, I’ve lost my cool.  I regret it moments later.   At times, I’m already regretting …

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