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How we raised 100k around a campfire


Art of Affirmations



“Timing over Topic” For Better Results

I divided my day into three chunks of time. The first part of the day I create. For example, I do my best writing between 8-10am (The Front Row Factor book is coming soon!). It took me a while to figure this out. Some of my heroes write between Midnight at 3am, and other between 4-7am. Neither worked for me. …


The Best Gift Ever

I have a confession to make. Over the years, I’ve often struggled with celebrating big holidays – like birthdays. Let’s take the kids for example. My wife and I will have deep discussions around how much to spend, how many presents to get, and where or not we should have a party. The list goes on. When it comes …


Is everyone looking at you?

Let’s play a game. First, watch this video  (circa 1999, but currently amazing) Don’t read ahead if you haven’t seen the video. The first time I watched this (for many of you, that may have been Psychology class) I couldn’t believe that I didn’t notice the gorilla. Let me relate this video to your day-to-day life and the common …


Choosing Your Top 8 Friends

  Today I am going to talk about 8 powerful questions that will help you determine 8 of your most important relationships in life. Who are you with when you laugh the most? Who are you with when you learn the most? Who are you with when you feel the most alive? Who shows up …


Does It Serve YOU?

          I’ve got a very important question. Which will lead to a very important answer. That answer will give you boundless energy and deep fulfillment. And the best news of all… it will help others feel the same. First, a story…   Years ago, I was at a personal growth conference …


National Front Row Day! \o/

        National Front Row day!   (8/8)   Two questions you may have, and I’ll answer here: How can I celebrate National Front Row Day? Why August the 8th? So…I’ll start with how you can celebrate with us. On August 8th (today for some of you reading this), just do 3 simple things… …


Are you worth it?

        Lying in bed late one night, I saw Tony Robbins infomercial. Here were my thoughts… “Oh yeah…you can ‘totally transform for your health, wealth, blah, blah, blah…’ for only $200.  Are there really people who fall for this?” “I wonder if it actually works for people.  What if Tony is for …


Validation vs Feedback

        I’m going to want your feedback on this one! What’s the difference between validation and feedback? Where in your life do you seek out or crave validation?  Is it helping, hurting or some mixture of both? Where in your life do you search for feedback? Is it helping, hurting or is …

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