#76: The Art of Affirmations with Brianna Greenspan

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#76: The Art of Affirmations with Brianna Greenspan

Brianna Greenspan - The Miracle Morning Art of AffirmationsWhat is truly possible for your life?

In today’s conversation, Brianna Greenspan shares how she was able to turn her most difficult adversities into her strongest superpower!

Brianna has been using the power of positive affirmations for the past 10 years to overcome the physical challenges that being born with a chronic invisible illness brings about. When Brianna decided that the labels and limitations of her medical team did not align with what she believed to be possible for her life, everything began to change. From back and neck braces, surgeries, and too many doctors’ visits to count to competing in her first 10k and hiking Half Dome at Yosemite National Park, Brianna is living proof that the power of positive affirmations coupled with extraordinary faith and immense effort really can overcome the biggest obstacles.

Brianna is a Chronic illness advocate, mentor for teens and young adults with chronic illnesses, marketing consultant at FamilyTreeDna.com, author, Front Row Foundation ambassador and has been a great personal friend for years. Brianna is passionate about nature, sustainability, wellness, her advocacy work, and inspiring others to achieve their goals.

During this episode, Brianna discusses her incredible journey and explains how she’s been able to turn her limitations into strengths. You’ll find out why building bridges and making connections is so important to her and how helping others in their achievements can also lead to your own success. We also talk about the recipient story that changed her life, the power of environment, moment making, what a dream box is, and her book “The Miracle Morning Art of Affirmations”.

Brianna is hands down one of the most positive people I know and you’ll see why in today’s interview!

''Whatever it is that you want to do in life, don’t be afraid to do it. Don’t be afraid to fly. - Brianna Greenspan Click To Tweet

Here’s a quick breakdown of our chat…

  • [08:21] Find out about the challenges Brianna faces every day living with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and the lessons it has taught her about taking consistent action.
  • [15:11] Find out what the Front Row Foundation means to Brianna and the recipient story that changed her life.
  • [21:30] Brianna talks about her book, The Miracle Morning Art of Affirmations: A Positive Coloring Book for Adults and Kids.
  • [31:10] The power of shaping your environment intentionally.
  • [36:10] The importance of building community, making connections and empowering your kids to follow their dreams.
  • [37:23] Find out how Brianna’s Dad became the “Father of genetic genealogy” and what his story can teach you about following your dreams.
  • [44:60] Two of Brianna’s favorite Front Row Moments.
''I hope I’ll be remembered as the girl that did it anyway, despite all the naysayers.'' - Brianna Greenspan Click To Tweet

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