#104: Everesting X2 with Adventurer Brad Weimert

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#104: Everesting X2 with Adventurer Brad Weimert

Brad Weimert - Front Row Factor - Goal Setting

Think of the last time you accomplished a major goal in your life. In what way did that experience shape who you are now?

Setting a big goal with a strong ‘why’ has the power to push us forward—even when we don’t want to—and can lead us towards achieving our ultimate potential.

Which is why I’m excited to be talking with my buddy Brad Weimert today. With only 45 days to train, Brad has set an ambitious challenge to hike the equivalent of climbing Mt. Everest twice. His goal is to raise $58,058 for Explore Austin—an organization that helps mold the youth of Austin into amazing, well rounded adults by teaching them life skills through adventure. (click here to support Brad’s mission)

Brad’s adventures never cease to amaze me, but what truly inspires me is the the message and meaning behind each of his goals. He reminds us that if there’s something you’re not doing because you’re uncomfortable or afraid, that’s probably your cue for moving towards it. The ripples that are created as a result, have the power to completely transform your world.

In our conversation, we talk about the power of mentorship, his training routine, preparation techniques, mindset and much more.

Here’s What You’ll Discover 

  • [06:00] Everesting (x2) for Charity—Find out why Brad’s pushing his physical limits to raise $58,058 for underprivileged youth in Austin. (click here to support Brad’s mission)
  • [11:20] Brad explains why mentorship combined with adventure can be an extremely powerful tool for shaping the minds of youth.
  • [15:30] A physical training routine for elite endurance athletes—Brad shares the tools and techniques he uses to prepare his body, along with the gear, supplements, and the single most important aspect for faster recovery.
  • [34:48] Physically pushing your body to the ultimate limit requires an incredibly strong mindset—Brad shares the quote that keeps pushing him forward.
  • [36:15] Using the power of a strong “why” to stick to your goals no matter what.
''I need to do everything I can to move closer to the goal right now.'' - Brad Weimert Click To Tweet

About Brad Weimert

Equal parts entrepreneur and adventurer, Brad Weimert is just as likely to be taking a group of entrepreneurs or youth on an adventure trip as he is to be building a company or giving a keynote.

He’s the Founder of Easy Pay Direct; The foremost high volume merchant account providers in the world. He is also an adventurer who leads 8 Figure Entrepreneurs on lifetime experiences and a mentor who helps youth navigate the early path of life to set themselves up for success.

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