#51: Build Your Bucketlist with Bart Wisniowski

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#51: Build Your Bucketlist with Bart Wisniowski

Bart Wisniowski - BucketList.org - Front Row FactorToday I’m talking with Bart Wisniowski about creating and conquering your Bucketlist!

Bart is the Founder and Chairman of Radness at BucketList.org, an organization with a mission to help people create, manage, and check off their biggest dreams and goals.

During today’s interview, Bart takes us on his entrepreneurial journey and the steps leading up to founding BucketList.org. We chat about business mentors, time & resources, the corporate bucketlist, productivity & planning and encouraging your kids to dream big.



''I want to inspire 10,000 people to knock something off their bucketlist - Bart Wisniowski'' Click To Tweet

Here’s a quick breakdown of our chat…

  • [11:06] 3 pieces of advice for young entrepreneurs who want to succeed with their business.
  • [12:57] Find out why Bart sold his web development business to start a company that’s dedicated to helping people track and achieve their bucketlist goals.
  • [14:20] Bart describes the moment where he moved from the back row to the front row of life.
  • [16:31] What you can do to find a quality business mentor.
  • [20:17] How to stop making excuses and do the things you want, when time and resources are limited.  
  • [23:55] How to incorporate the bucketlist into your company culture and help employees live out their biggest dreams.
  • [32:07] Bart gives you some of his best productivity and planning tips.
  • [37:46] How to encourage your kids to dream big so they can knock things off their own bucketlist.
  • [41:10] Taking risks and the value of hard work.
''If I put my mind to something, it takes a lot to stop me.'' - Bart Wisniowski Click To Tweet

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