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#140: One Event That Changes Everything: Join the Front Row Family Summit

Would you like to gain new insights into your life? How would you like to discover ways to contribute to the lives of others? At this year’s Front Row Family Summit (July 23rd -25th in Ohio), you’ll have the opportunity to do both – all while enjoying organic fresh food, yoga, and even fantastic music …


#139: Conscious Magic: Living In Wonder Through a Deepened Sense of Purpose, Passion and Intentionality

Imagine a place where you could step into your deepest, most spiritual and creative self. A place where you discover parts of your being that, until now, were unknown. Sounds kind of mystical, right? Today, I’m speaking with Harry Sherwood, my friend and co-founder of Harry cares deeply about wellness, passion, and purposeful living. …


#138: Amplify Yourself: Lessons for Stepping Up, Standing Out and Making An Impact

What does living in the Front Row of life look like to you? If you aren’t there yet, what can you do to get there? For my next guest, putting on a bright yellow tux is a not-so-subtle daily reminder of his duty to make a mark on this world. Today, I’m talking to my …


#137: Resiliency: The Power of Acceptance, Mindfulness and Growth

If you could craft your ideal dream life, what would it look like – and why?  Have you ever thought about this? Almost inevitably as we work towards creating our lives, we encounter obstacles or setbacks. How you handle these challenges can play a big role in what’s next in your life. Today, I’m talking …


#136: Dream, Think, Do: Creating the Life You Want to Live

Do you have big dreams, yet feel too “stuck” in your current situation to go for them? What if you could do something small each day to reach them? My next guest believes you can. Today I am talking with Mitch Matthews. Mitch is recognized as one of the world’s top success coaches and has …


#135: How To Overcome Addiction: Paying Attention To Miracles, The Power of Affirmations, & Timely Tribes

Have you ever struggled with some form of addiction or been close to someone who has? At 22 years old, Jesse Harless was looking at spending years of his life in federal prison due to his addiction to heroin, cocaine, and prescription opioids. Facing serious consequences for his actions, he started to change his daily …


#134: Courage to Grow: How to Create a Human Growth Machine, The Magic in Ordeals, & Why Hope Can Be Gritty

How do you feel about your children’s education? Do you truly believe that they are learning the information and tools that they’ll need as adults? Today’s guest, and my new friend, is Laura Sandefer. She is the co-founder of Acton Academy and the author of a new, best-selling book about the unconventional ways that students …


#134: Turning Moments Into Memories: How to Never Lose a Connection or Customer

You work hard to attract new clients to your business, but what are you doing to keep them? Do you have a solid strategy for customer retention? According to my next guest, Joey Coleman, this is an area where many businesses fall short. Joey is an entrepreneur, author, and keynote speaker who has helped startups …


#132: #Positivity, Opening Doors, Hanging with Tony Robbins and the Right Place at the Right Time

What if you could be in the right place at the right time – all the time. Maybe you are, and you don’t even realize it!   According to my new friend, Phil Hellmuth, we are in that place, right now, and today he’ll tell us why. Phil is a world class poker player who …


#131: The Anxiety Cure, Connecting to A-Players & Solving Big Problems

Would you like to live out your purpose, connect with people who are highly successful in your space, and have a really fun time doing it? Then our next guest is one you’ll definitely appreciate! Today I am talking with my friend, Charlie Hoehn. Charlie is an amazing guy who has worked with such names …

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