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# 11 Sensorial Experiences, Creating & Co-Creating with David Brower

Today’s guest is David Brower; also known as the sensorial guy. His mission is to create experiences for people to open up their senses, their minds, and expand them to new horizons, while reconnecting with ourselves and others. He professionally creates and co-creates spaces where people can come alive, thrive and live life to the …


What’s the Best Life to Live?

Do you compare yourself to others?  I do. When I’m NOT in the business of comparing myself to others, or wishing I was somewhere else, it dawns on me, I’m really really happy.  There is power in the present moment. What’s the best party in town? The one you’re at. Who are the best people …


#10 Trauma to Triumph, Limiting Beliefs & Repatterning with Rob Scott

Today I’m picking the brain of the coach of all coaches, who I’m fortunate to call a friend. Rob Scott is a coach who helps people shift, and dramatically break through — and he’s REALLY good.  He’s filled with incredible real life experiences, years of research, and of coaching some of the smartest and coolest …


What Problem Do You Solve?

What problem will you solve and for whom? Powerful question, eh? I want to help the Front Row Community and other entrepreneurial-minded individuals who are interested in living fully, sharing openly and elevating humanity through blending passion and purpose into one mission that thrives continually, for all.  I solve the problem of fear standing in …


The Benefits of the Back Row!

Are there benefits of the back row? Heck yeah. I know, I know…. I’ve spent 10 years talking about why you must live a front row life! Stay with me here. In this video, I talk about why the back row can be beneficial at times. I dig into perspective, contrast and more… Fun little …


#8: Recipient Highlight: Facing Death & Living In the Moment with Front Row Recipient Melissa Weaver

Today we’re joined by the first Front Row recipient to be on the show. Melissa Weaver is a licensed clinical social worker, from Richmond, Virginia. She’s a breast cancer fighter and survivor, and is someone who has pursued life with pure passion through all the challenges that come with fighting cancer (chemotherapy, radiation, emotional trauma…). …


Dealing with Overwhelm

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed right now!  You know the feeling? I just got back from 10 days of traveling, and while I don’t regret the decision to hang with my wife in Amsterdam and Paris sipping wine and eating baguettes, I’m feeling the effects of being away BIG TIME! The moment I touch down, …


#7: Beating the Odds & Your Destination Awesome with Author Amiee Mueller

Today’s guest is a pro who likes to have fun: we’re talking about Amiee Mueller. She’s a life coach, inspirational and business speaker. She has a growing company that’s basically doubled in traffic in the last 6 months, she’s doubled her speaking events and her book “Destination Awesome” is flying off the charts. Enjoying the show?  …


Mindfulness, Mediation & Mastering Emotions

Do you have a meditation chair? I do, and it’s awesome. Why do I do this? So many people have reached out to me over the years recommending that I try these exercises.  They’ve claimed that meditation is a big factor in their success strategies. I had nothing to lose, so I dove in. So …


#6: TapouT Co-Founder Dan Caldwell on Fighting for the Front, No Plan B & Raising Champions

“Follow your bliss and the Universe will open doors where there were only walls.”  – Joseph Campbell  Our guest today is Dan Caldwell. He’s the Co-Founder and President of TapouT, a world renowned company that makes everything from clothes to sports drinks to training centers. Dan has been featured on CNN, Forbes, The Wall Street …

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