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First Time Ever!

When is the last time you did something for the first time? Does this question reveal the need for more firsts in your life? Has your day-to-day become too routine? System are great, but they are supposed to set you free to create, not stifle growth. Do you have lots of firsts these days? Perhaps …


#13 Teresa de Grobois on Mass Influence Self-Promotion Vs. Bragging & Hashtags

Teresa de Grosbois is a best-selling author from Canada (I swear I’ve never met a Canadian I didn’t like!). She has several books, but today we’re focused on Mass Influence. It’s a bestseller in 6 countries, and once you start reading it you’ll be hooked. Teresa helps entrepreneurs and large companies understand how word of …


Are You Asking Great Questions?

Ask great questions, live a great life! This has been said by many people, in many different ways. In 2003, I heard Tony Robbins say, “The quality of your questions is in direct proportion to the quality of your life.” What questions do you ask yourself each day? Do they empower you? What questions do …


#12 The Good Dad Project with Author Larry Hagner

Today Jon talks with Larry Hagner about the The Good Dad Project. After a successful podcast launch and releasing his book The Dad Edge, Larry is a life coach and speaker for many dads who want to be the best fathers they can be. During today’s episode Jon and Larry discuss 3 of the 9 …


What Are You Grateful For?

Want to have your best year ever? Have you celebrated your wins of the past year? Right now, what are you grateful for? Recently, 300 people from 13 countries united at to celebrate an epic 2015, plan their best year ever in 2016 and celebrate Front Row Foundation’s 10-Year Anniversary. I’m beyond grateful for the …


# 11 Sensorial Experiences, Creating & Co-Creating with David Brower

Today’s guest is David Brower; also known as the sensorial guy. His mission is to create experiences for people to open up their senses, their minds, and expand them to new horizons, while reconnecting with ourselves and others. He professionally creates and co-creates spaces where people can come alive, thrive and live life to the …


What’s the Best Life to Live?

Do you compare yourself to others?  I do. When I’m NOT in the business of comparing myself to others, or wishing I was somewhere else, it dawns on me, I’m really really happy.  There is power in the present moment. What’s the best party in town? The one you’re at. Who are the best people …


#10 Trauma to Triumph, Limiting Beliefs & Repatterning with Rob Scott

Today I’m picking the brain of the coach of all coaches, who I’m fortunate to call a friend. Rob Scott is a coach who helps people shift, and dramatically break through — and he’s REALLY good.  He’s filled with incredible real life experiences, years of research, and of coaching some of the smartest and coolest …


What Problem Do You Solve?

What problem will you solve and for whom? Powerful question, eh? I want to help the Front Row Community and other entrepreneurial-minded individuals who are interested in living fully, sharing openly and elevating humanity through blending passion and purpose into one mission that thrives continually, for all.  I solve the problem of fear standing in …


# 9: Improv, Curiosity, & “Yes…. And” with Betsy Crouch

Today’s guest is a close personal friend and a huge contributor to Front Row Foundation. Betsy Crouch is co-founder of ImprovHQ.  She, along with partner Zoe Galvez, provide training for big companies like Google, Oracle, Twitter, Salesforce, Airbnb, LinkedIn and more. They do this through experiential keynotes, workshops, one-on-one coaching and bring the principles of …

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