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#21 Dealing with Grief, Body Image and 3.6 Million Video Views with Performer and Writer Caroline Rothstein

This show has energy.   Get ready! Caroline is a New York City-based spoken word poet, journalist, body empowerment advocate, and arts educator. Her BuzzFeed video, “Fat is Not a Feeling” had over 3.5 million views in a single week. *Enjoying the show?  For iTunes listeners, get automatic downloads and share the love by Subscribing, rating …


A Little Secret About Appreciation

Would you like to enhance your experience of life? Would you like to feel, taste, touch, love, cherish and appreciate more deeply? I’m obsessed with making the most of every day I’m alive. Rather than getting caught up in the desire to have more (this is easy to do), my goal is often to appreciate …


#20 Finding Utopia, Solo Travel and Building With Friends with Utopian Coffee Founder Brendon Maxwell

Today we chat it up with Brendon Maxwell a founder of Utopian Coffee. Brendon has always been an entrepreneur at heart. When he was 16, he sold candy in school, which included tracking margins and building a team! After a number of entrepreneurial ventures, he co-founded Utopian Coffee in 2006. Utopian Coffee started as a …


Is This Your Best?

Is right now the best it will ever be? Maybe. Maybe not. A couple years ago, our family was getting photos taken, when I commented to the Photographer (my friend Marcus), “I’m not looking my best right now.” To which he responded, “Jon… this is the best you’ll ever look.” WHAT?! At first, I was …


#19 Impacting Others, Creating Breakthrough Moments and the Pursuit of Positivity with Jon Berghoff of the Flourishing Leadership Institute

Lots of fun on this show today. Are you ready? Today I speak with one of my best buddies, Jon Berghoff from Flourishing Leadership Institute. He’s my co-host for the Speaker Trainer Experience this March.  And…. if you’d like to know more about the Speaker Trainer Experience sign up for our free webinar that will …


The Super Fantastic Toll Booth Lady!

At our Speaker/Trainer event this March, we talk about the power of teaching through stories, which led me to… …this weeks 4-min in the FR video, which is one of my favorite stories — ever!  Have you ever made a list of your best stories? Where are they documented? Are you sharing? Parents – how …


#18 Pushing The Limits, Your Greatest Opponent & Mysterious Materialization with Founder and Owner of Strength Personal Training, John Edwin

Today I’m chatting with my long-time friend, John Edwin. He is the founder and owner of Strength Personal Training ( John has done over 30,000 personal training sessions over the past 15 years.  He’s an amazing father, husband, friend and man-of-faith. He pursues his passions with great energy. John’s story is inspiring.  Here’s a guy …


Take the Front Row 30-Day Challenge

Up for a challenge? Need a little something to spark change, growth and impact? If you want 2016 to be your best year ever, In the next 30-days, join me and others from the Front Row Community and take the Front Row 30-Day Challenge. This is brand new, and we’re excited to have some fun …


#17 Future of Drinks on Demand, Custom Advertising & Holding Onto Hope with Josh Goodman, Owner of

Today we’re joined by Josh Goodman, Founder & CEO of Innovative Tap Solutions (Pour My Beer). This guy was an All State wrestler and football player, he’s a husband, father and a longtime friend. We met through Cutco, and went on to pursue our passions, and in Josh’s case he did it with a killer …


Create Powerful Messages That Pack a Punch

This year, my #1 goal is to write The Front Row Factor book. And…I’m learning that communicating your ideas is hard! For many reasons. Often, putting into words what’s in my head or heart is challenging. I also feel this way when coming up with a new speech. If you value communicating your ideas to …

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