#80: Front Row Canada, Find Your Physical Limits, and Purpose + Profits

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#80: Front Row Canada, Find Your Physical Limits, and Purpose + Profits

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How are you participating in your own life? Who are you surrounding yourself with? Do they help you push beyond your self-imposed limitations?

On today’s episode of the Front Row Factor, I interview my longtime friend and one of the best examples of someone who is living life in the front row, Angie Macdougall.

Since 1994, Angie started selling CUTCO® while she was a student at the University of Calgary. After graduation, Angie moved to Victoria, B.C. to open up a District Office. As Vector Marketing Canada grew, Angie was promoted to Division Manager and relocated to Calgary, Alberta. Angie achieved distinction in that role and was promoted to Western Canada Area as Manager in 2014. In 2016, Angie was named National Sales Manager of Canada.

Angie is a remarkable human that I look up to and admire. We’ve worked together, we’ve traveled together and she is a powerful moment maker! Angie is also an Ironman triathlete, President of Front Row Canada, has been happily married for 15 years, is a Mother to 2 amazing kids and resides in beautiful BC, Canada.

During today’s conversation, Angie shares her story, including how training for endurance sports has challenged her to push herself well beyond what she ever imagined was possible. We also talk about the spillover effects this has had on her career and how it’s impacted the lives of people around her.

This interview has so much great information. Angie will inspire you to push beyond your own limits, overcome your biggest fears, and choose how you show up for yourself and for others!

''There’s something that you can only learn about yourself when you’re out there by yourself.'' - Angie Macdougall Click To Tweet

Here’s a quick breakdown of our chat…

  • [11:40] Angie takes us back and gives us a peek into her childhood and what it was like growing up in a small town.
  • [12:50] Find out how endurance sports changed what she thought was possible AND what it taught her about overcoming fear, testing her limits and strengthening her mindset.
  • [19:30] When things get hard, that’s ok!
  • [21:45] The anticipation principle and the power of hope.
  • [25:47] Angie shares some recipient stories about uniting as a team and pushing the limits for someone else.
  • [31:55] Why Angie chooses to support the Front Row Foundation and what makes it such an incredible charity to be a part of.
  • [36:56] The correlation between business success and giving back.
  • [42:36] Angie shares examples of how you can choose to make any moment a better experience.
  • [48:04] Angie provides a powerful explanation as to what it means to live life in the front row.
  • [54:02] Learning to capture and share the simple moments.
  • [58:24] The importance of authentically showing up as yourself.
''Having a front row moment is feeling fear and doing it anyway.'' - Angie Macdougall Click To Tweet

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