#58: The #FrontRowLife Challenge Day #50

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#58: The #FrontRowLife Challenge Day #50

Nina Perez - Front Row Challenge

Today I’m talking with Nina Perez about her inspiring daily commitment to live life in the Front Row!

Nina Perez, originally from Argentina, is widely recognized as one of Vancouver’s best salsa and tango dancers, instructors, and performers, and is known for her style and grace on the dance floor. As the Founder of DanceToday.TV, her focus is on providing high-quality and professional instruction in a positive and fun environment.

During today’s interview, Nina shares her story and the inspiring commitment that she and her son are making to document their favorite Front Row moments every day for an entire year. We talk about how this experience has impacted their lives and the lives of those around them.  

''It’s finding a moment where you have something to appreciate.'' - Nina Perez Click To Tweet

Here’s a quick breakdown of our chat…

  • [07:02] Find out how a life long passion for dance led Nina to a professional career as a dance teacher.
  • [08:26] Discover Nina’s approach to becoming a great teacher, both in her professional life AND as a parent.
  • [13:31] Why Nina and her son Gavin are documenting living life in the Front Row.
  • [20:20] The importance of recognizing the full worth of life’s most precious moments.
  • [21:48] Where did this Front Row challenge all start and how has it inspired others to join in?
  • [29:30] Nina shares her strategy for consistently capturing and posting her Front Row moments.
  • [35:48] Investing in yourself and the trip Nina took that changed her life forever.
  • [41:43] How is Nina becoming the greatest version of herself? [HINT: She’s basically the female version of Jason Bourne!
  • [43:06] What dance can teach you about leading and following in your own relationships.
''It doesn’t have to take a long time for you to just put your hands up'' - Nina Perez Click To Tweet

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