3 Steps To Make Powerful Choices

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3 Steps To Make Powerful Choices





Are you a powerful decision maker?

Would your track record say you are?

Do you have a decision making process?

At times in life, I’ve struggled with big decisions. I’ve stumbled upon a solid system you can use to make big decisions, whether it’s who to marry or what to have for dinner.



1.)  Your state of mind.   When you’re tired, hungry, stressed, scared, or frustrated — few of us make great decisions.   We’d all benefit by asking ourselves:  Am I in the right state of mind to make this decision? Should I sleep on it?  Would changing my environment help me gain clarity? (Maybe take a walk outside)   Who’s influencing my thinking currently and are they a qualified source on the topic at hand?   What are my values and will my decision align with them?   *Baba Shiv, Stanford Professor, talks about how making decisions in the morning has benefits because our serotonin levels are different (Watch more about that here.) 

2.)  The question itself.   Can you restate the question a few different ways to ensure you’re asking the right question.  So many times people wrestle with the decision only to find out they’re asking the wrong question.  What if the focus shifted to pursuing the right question first?   No sense is making a powerful decision if you’re not asking the best question.

3.)  The impact on others.  Looking back, perhaps 5, 10 or 20 years down the road, how will you feel about your decision?  Often times, the short term moves feel better, but playing the long game, which may be tougher, is often the better call.  How does this decision affect your family, friends, co-workers, and the world?

In this video, I share my decision making process for naming my kids (which if you don’t already know, I have two boys — Tiger and Ocean).   I know… we went traditional ?


Your friend and fan,

Jon Vroman

P.S. Remember AFTER you make powerful decisions to OWN THEM 100%. To CONTINUE the power behind those decisions, conviction is key. It’s not that you can’t change your mind, but if you make a powerful decision and then second-guess it, you’re undoing the progress made.  Life is a balance between certainty and curiosity.


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