3 Keys to a Meaningful Life

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3 Keys to a Meaningful Life





There are 3 principles to Living a Front Row Life….

  1. Hope For The Future
  2. Live In The Moment
  3. Celebrate Our Experiences

Here’s a quick breakdown.

1.)  HOPE FOR THE FUTURE: What are you looking forward to? Is it a vacation? A concert? Dinner with friends? How can you use that excitement to bring energy to the present moment?

I call this the anticipation principle. At Front Row Foundation, we know that there’s tremendous joy for our recipients knowing that the big front row experience is coming!

I remember Thomas, one of our recipients years ago, being extra motivated during rehab because he wanted to stand during the national anthem at the Rugby match. His video is here.

2.) LIVE IN THE MOMENT: When I asked Front Row recipient Melissa, what’s the key to Living a Front Row Life, she said, “Living in the Moment.”

Tomorrow is guaranteed to nobody, and we must learn to appreciate the here and now. Life can be tough. Very tough. At FRF, we work with people regularly who are fighting for their lives, and yet within that adversity, many seem to find love and joy with the relationships and gifts around them.

3.)  CELEBRATE OUR EXPERIENCES: When is the last time you sat down to flip through pictures or watch videos of your favorite moments? I often experience tears when I do reflect. It’s like an emotional flood. I say to myself, “Wow…I’ve had some GREAT days…many of which I’ve forgotten about.”

We don’t want to live in the past, but we do want to celebrate the best of it.

How often do you take a moment to appreciate the journey you’ve traveled? Living those moments can bring tremendous joy to the present moment. Your life is worth celebrating!

Have a great week!


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